'Elua l? ma Nowemapa (Two Days in November)


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A conspiracy theorist with compelling evidence that JFK's cabinet ordered his assassination is murdered. Five-0 investigates and delves into one of history's most fascinating unsolved mysteries.


Alex O'Loughlin
as Steve McGarrett
Scott Caan
as Danny Williams
Daniel Dae Kim
as Chin Ho Kelly
Grace Park
as Kono Kalakaua
Masi Oka
as Dr. Max Bergman
Taylor Wily
as Kamekona
Chi McBride
as Lou Grover
Jorge Garcia
as Jerry Ortega
Katie Malia
as Susie Freeling
Matt Battaglia
as Agent Ward
Marty Ryan
as Dean Rusk
Marshall Bell
as Drake/Older Gentleman
Buz Tennent
as Ambassador Lodge
Larry Wegger
as Cabinet Member #1
Tom Holowach
as Cabinet Member #2
Don Pierce
as Cabinet Member #4
Catherine Davis
as Kamele Hale
Wayne Ward
as George Sellers
Dann Seki
as Shimura
Mark Ganialongo
as Attendant
Kelly Lawson
as General Taylor
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