Jellyfish in the Sky


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A cheerleader from a rival high school is murdered in the opener of this supernatural series set in a Pennsylvania steel town. The evidence points to an animal attack, but suspicion soon falls on a young gypsy who recently moved to town.


Dougray Scott
as Dr. Norman Godfrey
Lili Taylor
as Lynda Rumancek
Famke Janssen
as Olivia Godfrey
Paul Popowich
as J.R. Godfrey
Laurie Fortier
as Marie Godfrey
Kandyse McClure
as Dr. Chausser
Aaron Douglas
as Sheriff Sworn
Landon Liboiron
as Peter Rumancek
Bill Skarsgård
as Roman Godfrey
Tiio Horn
as Destina Rumaneck
Ron Mustafaa
as Tom Mayer
Lorenza Izzo
as Brooke Bluebell
Freya Tingley
as Christina Wendall
Penelope Mitchell
as Letha Godfrey
Nicole Boivin
as Young Shelley
Amazon Eve
as Shelley Godfrey
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