The Hammer


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Fresh out of prison, Boyd Crowder begins his mission to being "religion" to the backwoods. Meanwhile, Raylan starts trying to make a new case against Boyd while working as a bodyguard for a judge whose life has been threatened.


Timothy Olyphant
as Raylan Givens
Nick Searcy
as Art Mullen
Jacob Pitts
as Tim Gutterson
Erica Tazel
as Rachel Brooks
Joelle Carter
as Ava Crowder
Natalie Zea
as Winona Hawkins
Walton Goggins
as Boyd Crowder
Stephen Root
as Judge Reardon
Doug E. Doug
as Israel Fandi/Otis
Sean Bridgers
as Virgil Corum
Brad Carter
as Bobby Joe
David Meunier
as Johnny Crowder
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