Watching the Detectives


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Quarles and Duffy kill Gary Hawkins and try to frame Raylan for his death, while also getting the FBI on his tail. Meanwhile, Quarles raises the stakes in his war with Boyd Crowder, and Ellstin Limehouse tries to decide whose side he's on.


Timothy Olyphant
as Raylan Givens
Nick Searcy
as Art Mullen
Jacob Pitts
as Tim Gutterson
Erica Tazel
as Rachel Brooks
Joelle Carter
as Ava Crowder
Natalie Zea
as Winona Hawkins
Walton Goggins
as Boyd Crowder
Jere Burns
as Wynn Duffy
Mykelti Williamson
as Ellstin Limehouse
Neal McDonough
as Robert Quarles
David Andrews
as Tillman Napier
Rick Gomez
as Asst. U.S. Attorney David Vasquez
Max Perlich
as Sammy Tonin
William Ragsdale
as Gary Hawkins
Stephen Root
as Judge Reardon
Stoney Westmoreland
as Det. Garrity
Tim De Zarn
as Det. Dempsey
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