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Volunteers: Is a bloodied and bruised homeless man a victim of the streets - or the residents? Detectives discover a large amount of cash in the victim's pocket, which rules out robbery as a motive.


Chris Noth
as Det. Mike Logan
Michael Moriarty
as ADA Ben Stone
Jill Hennessy
as ADA Claire Kincaid
Jerry Orbach
as Det. Lennie Briscoe
Pamela Holden Stewart
as Irene Morrissey
Marion Killinger
as Homeless Person
Denis O'Hare
as Harold Morrissey
Nicolas Coster
as Reid Mullen
Kent Broadhurst
as Dr. Creighton
Joan Copeland
as Judge Stein
Gareth Williams
as George Siddell
Betsy Aidem
as Sharon Kirk
Gordon MacDonald
as Richard Gillrich
Jill Choder
as Roberta Lantos
Lee Brock
as Maxine Kort
Helen Harrelson
as Mrs. Bunch
Bernard Grant
as Judge Reisman
Sully Boyar
as Judge Sirkin
Harsh Nayyar
as Dr. R.V. Singh
Tracy Griswold
as Greg Adamson
Anne Swift
as Mrs. Creighton
Kevin Amalia
as Wheeler
Tim Artz
as Kelly
Billy Vann
as CSU Tech
Lynn Chase
as Jury Forewoman
Michael Noth
as Court Clerk
Carolyn McCormick
as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
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