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The office of a limited-circulation magazine is the scene of three murders. One of the victims, the magazine's editor, had been locked in a power struggle with his brother Peter Nichodos (Peter Frechette). As he prosecutes the cast, Assistant D.A. McCoy runs up against two formidable opponents: Nichodo's mother, Elaine (Sada Thompson), who is determined to save the family business at any cost, and the obstructive rulings of presiding judge Edgar Hynes (Louis Zorich), who happens to be an old friend of McCoy's boss, Adam Schiff (Steven Hill).


Sam Waterston
as ADA Jack McCoy
Steven Hill
as Adam Schiff
Jerry Orbach
as Det. Lennie Briscoe
Benjamin Bratt
as Det. Reynaldo Curtis
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Norman Rothenberg
Leslie Gail
as Elizabeth Nicodos
Sada Thompson
as Elaine Nicodos
Louis Zorich
as Judge Edgar Hynes
Peter Frechette
as Peter Nicodos
Shawn Elliott
as Judge Manuel Leon
Brettanya Friese
as Celia Gaston
Rebecca Waxman
as Gail Russell
David Wissack
as John Wheeler
Wally Dunn
as Edward Odlum
Lewis Arlt
as John Ralston
Gustave Johnson
as Pat Brice
Ken Leung
as Forensic Tech Chung
George Guidall
as Simon Wallis
David Wolos Fonteno
as CSU Tech Murray
DeAnn Mears
as Arraignment Judge Gance
Jeffrey Donovan
as Eddie Nicodos
Matt Myers
as 1st Detective
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