Causa Mortis


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Season Seven of Law & Order begins with the good news that Assistant D.A. Claire Kincaid (Jill Hennessy) was not immediately killed in the car accident which took her out of commission at the end of Season Five (though actress Hennessy would not return to the show, necessitating a later episode which confirmed beyond doubt that Kincaid was never going to come back). New to the D.A.'s office is Jamie Ross (Carey Lowell), an ambitious young woman whose approach to her job does not always meet with the approval of her partner Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston). In the season's first episode, Ross intends to use a gruesomely graphic audiotape to put the noose around the neck of carjacker-murderer Fernando Salva (Victor Sierra).


Sam Waterston
as ADA Jack McCoy
Steven Hill
as Adam Schiff
Jerry Orbach
as Det. Lennie Briscoe
Benjamin Bratt
as Det. Reynaldo Curtis
Victor Sierra
as Fernando Salva
Cyndi Cartagena
as Anna Galvez
George Martin
as Abe Mercer
Divina Cook
as Mrs. Galvez
Louise Sorel
as Marcie Wrightman
Lawrence Arancio
as Ian Rankin
Ted Kazanoff
as Judge Daniel Scarletti
Hugh O'Gorman
as Chuck Rodman
Rebecca Nelson
as Maureen Rankin
Tiffany Fraser
as Susan Bayer
Tom Cappadona
as Victor Driscoll
Harsh Nayyar
as Gas Station Attendant
Michael Dahlen
as Young Attendant
DeAnn Mears
as Arraignment Judge Gance
David Zayas
as Raoul Cervantes
Jurian Hughes
as ME Gradner
David Rainey
as Asst. Medical Examiner
Bruce Winant
as Morganstern
Gloria Irizarry
as Grandma Rosa Citrone
Jillian Bowen
as Jackie Rankin
Alex Bowen
as 9-year-old Rankin Son
Cameron Bowen
as 7-year-old Rankin Son
Andrea Bowen
as Rankin Toddler
Michael Hobbs
as Sergeant
William McGuire
as ESU Lieutenant
Gerard O'Brien
as ESU Technician
Lee Summers
as Belmont Uniformed Policeman
Jim Lavin
as Court Clerk
Jon Brent Curry
as ESU Technician
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