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Using computerized records, detectives Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) try to determine time of death for a woman found murdered in an elevator. The next step is to identify the body and track down the perp. Assistant D.A.'s McCoy (Sam Waterston) and especially Ross (Carey Lowell) have difficulty pursuing the case in court thanks to an imperious and verbally abusive judge (Jerry Adler) -- leading to an extremely difficult decision for D.A. Schiff (Steven Hill).


Carey Lowell
as ADA Jamie Ross
Pamela Gray
as Joanne Sullivan
Jerry Adler
as Judge Nathan Parks
Gerry Bamman
as Stan Gillum
Thomas Michael Allen
as CSU Det. Cook
Aida Turturro
as Receptionist
Stephen Mendillo
as NJ Police Lt. London
Alan Manson
as Chief Administrative Judge
Dicky Fine
as Perkles
Chat Carlin
as Wilkins
Daniel Oreskes
as Jack Maslin
Alison Martin
as Miss Dawkins
Julian Gamble
as Appellate Judge Slattery
Judy Franks
as Judge Jean Bryant
Emilio del Pozo
as Appellate Judge Sierra
Gano Grills
as Jasperson
George Rafferty
as CSU Detective Harmon
Thomas M. Allen
as CSU Detective Cook
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