Good Girl


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A black student is murdered, and the main suspect claims that she had been previously drugged and raped by the dead man. The parents of the victim insist that the girl is lying and demand that the DA's office prosecute the case to the fullest extent of the law. The outcome hinges upon two mutually dependent "airtight" alibis.


Carey Lowell
as ADA Jamie Ross
Chelsea Altman
as Danielle Mason
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Al Archer
John A. MacKay
as Henry Mason
John MacKay
as Henry Mason
Giancarlo Esposito
as Dwayne Baylor
Joan Copeland
as Judge Stein
Taye Diggs
as Sky Bell
Tommy Hollis
as Ed Monroe
Robin Moseley
as Dorothy Mason
Myra Taylor
as Jane Monroe
Samantha Brown
as Arlene Williams
Hope Clarke
as Judge Emma Reynolds
Lil Henderson
as Lois Rainey
Tony Patellis
as Lloyd Boxer
Robert Turano
as Harvey Coyle
Louis Cantarini
as Vernon Link
John Lantz
as Ken McCurdy
Angel Caban
as Store Owner
Paul Singer
as Man on Stoop
Mike Jefferson
as CSU Technician Ballard
Kevin Alexander
as Fingerprint Technician
Anthony Dodge
as Court Reporter
Page Gravely
as 1st Reporter
Jo Jo Sydneham
as 2nd Reporter
Frank Aquilino
as Uncle Joey
Mark Enis
as Process Server
David Rosenbaum
as Arraignment Judge Berman
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