Double Blind


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A janitor is found murdered in a college science laboratory. The prime suspect is a student employee (Mark Bateman) with a troubled past. In a spectacular, suspenseful, and emotional climax, the D.A.'s office goes after a college scientist (John Bedford Lloyd) indulging in experimental drug research -- a prosecution which hinges upon a suppressed medical report.


Carey Lowell
as ADA Jamie Ross
Mark Bateman
as Alan Sawyer
John Bedford Lloyd
as Dr. Christian Varick
Randle Mell
as Aaron Blum
E. Katherine Kerr
as Ilene Sawyer
Daniel Ziskie
as Fred Sawyer
Tom O'Rourke
as Peter Behrens
Richard Hamilton
as "Jimmy the Pin" Poulos
Dan Ziskie
as Fred Sawyer
Vivienne Benesch
as Lori Franklin
Irene Ng
as Xuan-Lan Nguyen
Susan Blommaert
as Judge Rebecca Steinman
Fred J. Scollay
as Judge Andrew Barsky
Ben Hammer
as Judge Herman Mooney
Gene Canfield
as Gerald Bailey
James Bulleit
as Barney Cooper
Larry Attile
as Bob DeLuca
Bill Cohen
as Sam Krasny
Robert Hirschfeld
as OCCB Detective Lipsitz
D.C. Benny
as Ramirez
Martin Shakar
as Stephan Elstead
Paul Geier
as Dr. Charles Webb
Will Osborne
as John Daly
Elain R. Graham
as Corrine Casik
Rita Wolf
as Connie Lembeck
Victor Anthony
as Dan Birney
John Di Benedetto
as Bruce Couri
Ed Kershen
as Robert Kort
Dominic Marcao
as CSU Detective Bracken
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