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Huey Tate (Chris McKinney) is arrested for the double murder of a black-activist congressman and his bodyguard. Subsequent investigation reveals that one of the victims may have been responsible for an innocent person's death. Crucial to the D.A.'s prosecution is the eyewitness testimony of a woman who is an informant for the FBI -- and as such, cannot be allowed to testify.


Sam Waterston
as ADA Jack McCoy
Robert Hogan
as FBI Agent Carlin
Michelle Hurd
as Angela Roney
Chris McKinney
as Huey Tate
Ron Cephas Jones
as Roland Books
Gloria Foster
as Satima Tate
Michael Gaston
as FBI Agent Fletcher
Angela Bullock
as Miss Watkins
Jess Doran
as Robert Falco
Herb Foster
as Alex Piven
Fil Formicola
as Leo Robertson
Donna Hanover
as Judge Deborah Bourke
Elizabeth Van Dyke
as Sheryll Scruggs
Arthur French
as Vernon Johnson
Avery Waddell
as Kevin Orgell
Jack Ryland
as Arraignment Judge Burns
Michael Potts
as Reggie Dobbs
Brienin Bryant
as Lori Odlum
Michael Marcus
as Arraignment Judge Russo
Pamela Isaacs
as Corrine Samuels
Charles Gale
as Technician
Leonard Harris
as Legal Aid Attorney
Michael Sean McGuinness
as FBI Agent Hartley
Paul Navarro
as Rick Gill
John Quinn
as Hotel Dick
James Hanlon
as Local Policeman
Andrew Finney
as Court Clerk
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