The 23rd Psalm


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This episode of the mind-bending television series Lost finds Charlie struggling with his addiction and Michael attempting to take up arms as a Mr. Eko reflects back on the traumatic childhood event that got him mixed up with the Nigerian militia. When Mr. Eko learns the truth about the Virgin Mary statues and reveals their secret to Claire, the frightened mother shuns Charlie - who swears he didn't realize that there was heroin hidden inside. Mr. Eko immediately demands that Charlie take him to the site of the plane crash where the statues were discovered, flashing back on a pivotal event in his youth as the pair make their way through the jungle. After protecting his brother from the militia, Mr. Eko was initiated into the militia and his brother grows up to become a priest. Later, when Mr. Eko and Charlie arrive at the site of the crash, Mr. Eko realizes that the body inside is that of his deceased brother, and the Virgin Mary statues were actually part of his own plan to raise the money needed to buy polio vaccinations for the children of their village. Back at the camp, Locke attempts to secure all of the guns in the armory as Michael asks for a crash course in firearms training.


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