By the Pricking of My Thumbs


Episode Info

Miss Marple goes to a Norfolk village and becomes embroiled in a dark mystery. Tuppence meets Miss Marple and together they follow a path of clues that lead them to the Norfolk village of Farrell St Edmund, where they find a community guarding an array of secrets. Miss Marple and Tuppence soondiscover that a child was murdered in the village twenty years ago and it seems that Aunt Ada's death and the child's murder might be linked. If Miss Marple and Tuppence can find out who has kidnapped Mrs Lancaster they might find the truth about both Aunt Ada's death and who killed the child. But this is a village full of dark secrets and when the villagers realise Miss Marple and Tuppence are investigating a murder they quickly become defensive - someone even plants a black crow in their roomin order to scare them away. This does not put off Miss Marple and Tuppence and soon they realise they are unearthing the villagers biggest secret of all...


Geraldine McEwan
as Miss Jane Marple
Greta Scacchi
as Tuppence Beresford
Anthony Andrews
as Tommy Beresford
June Whitfield
as Mrs. Lancaster
Josie Lawrence
as Hannah Beresford

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