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A mockumentary-style sitcom chronicling the unusual kinship of the extended Pritchett clan, a brood that includes patriarch Jay; his younger Latina wife, Gloria, and her son; Jay's daughter, Claire, and her family; and Jay's son, Mitchell, who lives with his partner, Cameron.

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Aired Wed, Feb 19, 2020

Modern Family: Season 11, Spuds

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2019, ABC, 13 episodes

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2018, ABC, 21 episodes

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2017, ABC, 22 episodes

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2016, ABC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2015, ABC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2014, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Modern Family returns to its conventional roots with grace in a fifth season that delights in providing reliable laughs and rekindles the show's trademark warmth.

2013, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Modern Family still has charm to burn and boasts a uniformly excellent cast, but the series' subversive edge has dulled.

2012, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Modern Family settles into a well-oiled groove, consistently delivering inspired farce and making it look effortless.

2011, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Modern Family's sophomore season sings with ingenious sitcom structure and an ensemble in perfect comedic harmony -- even if the tunes are a little familiar.

2010, ABC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Thanks to sharp writing and an eccentric but exceedingly likable cast of characters, Modern Family signals the triumphant return of the family comedy.

2009, ABC, 26 episodes


Ed O'Neill
as Jay Pritchett
Julie Bowen
as Claire Dunphy
Sofía Vergara
as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
Ty Burrell
as Phil Dunphy
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
as Mitchell Pritchett
Sarah Hyland
as Haley Dunphy
Nolan Gould
as Luke Dunphy
Ariel Winter
as Alex Dunphy
Rico Rodriguez
as Manny Delgado
Jeremy Maguire
as Joe Pritchett
Fred Willard
as Frank Dunphy
Amy Yasbeck
as Lorraine
Shelley Long
as Dede Pritchett
Rob Riggle
as Gil Thorpe
Justin Kirk
as Charlie Bingham
Benjamin Bratt
as Javier Delgado
Nathan Fillion
as Rainer Shine
Celia Weston
as Barb Tucker
Andrew Daly
as Principal Brown
Marsha Kramer
as Margaret
Will Sasso
as Senor Kaplan
David Cross
as Duane Bailey
Philip Baker Hall
as Walt Kleezak
Chris Prinzo
as Huggy Bunny
Jane Krakowski
as Dr. Donna Duncan
Barry Corbin
as Merle Tucker
Michele Panu
as Student #2
Jaime Moyer
as Mrs. Pasternack
Cheyn Cole
as Sophie
Jon Polito
as Earl Chambers
Craig Welzbacher
as Office Worker
Andrew Borba
as Mr. Balaban
June Squibb
as Auntie Alice
Robert Costanzo
as Earl Chambers
Joe Metcalf
as Michael
Margaret Easley
as Kindergarten Teacher
Jenica Bergere
as Soccer Mom
Piper Mackenzie Harris
as Maureen Schick
Mira Sorvino
as Nicole Rosemary Page
Josh Gad
as Kenneth
Grace Rowe
as Mrs. Bay
Sarah Baker
as Twins' Mom
Sam Lloyd
as Lester
Bo Foxworth
as Sam Burnbull
Edward Norton
as Izzy LaFontaine
Anastasia Basil
as Jilted Wife
Chad Roberts
as Grayson
Anjali Bhimani
as Nina Patel
Rigel Blue
as Scout #2
Jackson Odell
as Ted Durkas
Alyssa Preston
as Receptionist
Kevin Cahoon
as John-John
Jeremiah Birkett
as Fire Marshall
Sean Smith
as Photographer
Alice Dodd
as Dr. Klausner
Gina St. John
as Principal Kaizler
Eddie Diaz
as Gardener
Jonathan Banks
as Donnie Pritchett
Rob Huebel
as Glen Whipple
Bruce Altman
as Mr. Jennings
Eric Lange
as Coach Stupak
Mim Drew
as Shopper
Irene Roseen
as Mrs. Brooks
Tyne Daly
as Mrs. Plank
Eva Simone Fisher
as Cater Waiter
Mikey Reid
as Abraham
Zoe Jarman
as Lindsay
Rebecca Mozo
as Admissions Officer
Hayley Erin
as Brenda Feldman
Mo Collins
as Denise
Casey Enovijas
as Pool Attendant
Ellen Barkin
as Verna Roth
Katherine Disque
as Police Officer
Liz Jenkins
as Customer
Billy Dee Williams
as Billy Dee Williams
Cameron Watson
as Appraiser
Munda Razooki
as Counterman
Eric Peterson
as Christmas Tree Salesman
Troy Vincent
as Mr. Powers
Aya Cash
as Vanessa
Lillian Adams
as Passenger #1
Brian Oerly
as Gym Member
Libby Baker
as Stephanie
Jeff Staron
as Music Student
John DiMaggio
as Capt. Hauck
Billy Evans
as Teenager No. 1
Troy Vincent
as Mr. Powers
John Heard
as Gunther Thorpe
Zack Tyerman
as Lifeguard
Joely Fisher
as Maggie Braithwaite
Erin Noble
as Dr. Barksdale
Autumn Withers
as Mrs. Ebbert
Amy Yasbeck
as Lorraine
Peyton Manning
as Coach Gary
Sharon Omi
as Mrs. Ko
Adam Kulbersh
as Mike Hoffman
Laurel Coppock
as Miss Elaine
Jonathan Kehoe
as Audience Member
Patrick Carlyle
as Researcher
Catherine O'Hara
as Debra Radcliffe
Janet Song
as Mrs. Tran
Mekia Cox
as Angie
Shannon Cochran
as Nancy Decker
Martin Short
as Merv Schechter
Dan Levy
as Courtroom Sketch Artist Jonah
Nolan North
as Donald Flum
Stephanie Barron
as Lei Greeter
Hector Osorio
as Security Guard
Phil Hendrie
as Booker Bell
Maxwell Caulfield
as Professor Cooke
James Gleason
as Mr. Ingram
Kirstie Hutton
as Woman Fan
Julia Lehman
as Danielle
Amy Landers
as Krista Flum
Kevin Fry-Bowers
as Security Guard
Troy Brown
as Windmill Kid
Josh Latzer
as Jeffrey
Rodney J. Hobbs
as Trapeze Guy
Shak Ghacha
as Teenager No. 2
Ann Magnuson
as Shelley Summers
Katelyn Dunkin
as Pretty Girl
Eve Brenner
as Ander's Mother
Tijuana Ricks
as Defense Attorney
Duane Shepard Sr.
as Passenger #2
Ryan Gaul
as Lance
Stephnie Weir
as Stephanie Hoffman
Lusia Strus
as Off. Blevin
Ron Rogge
as Craigslist Guy
Scott Ferrara
as Salesman
Sophia O'Neill
as Girl No. 1
Tim Banning
as Employee
Beverly Leech
as Dr. Anne Coben
Alicia Martino
as Museum Employee
Robert Desiderio
as Alan Ferguson
Joseph Callari
as Congressman Morley
Chris Bauer
as Officer Stablitzky
Kate Rylie
as Waitress
John Vickery
as Cecil Van Gundy
Rick Fitts
as Desk Sergeant
Edith Fields
as Elderly Woman
Brett Ryback
as Frankie
Penn Jillette
as Edward LeGrand
Simon Templeman
as Simon Hastings
Blake Gibbons
as Construction Worker
Jason Sadang
as Ukulele Player
Amanda Musso
as Attractive Woman
Don Lake
as Dr. Sendroff
Larry Herron
as Good Cop
Anders Holm
as Zack Barbie
Steve Cox
as Cab Driver
Bruno Oliver
as Tom Mickleson
Laki Kaahumanu
as Hawaiian Officiant
Taylor Nichols
as Mr. Plympton
Nan Tepper
as Old Woman
Steve Tom
as Game Show Host
Jonathan Emerson
as Stan Larkin
David Bloom
as Einstein
David Jahn
as Well-Dressed Man
Lisa Schurga
as Sydney's Mom
Monti Sharp
as Tournament official
Andrew Heffernan
as Gate Attendant
Emily Happe
as Candice
Jocelyn Ayanna
as Receptionist
Jay Harik
as Police Officer
Caroline Aaron
as Judge Bartley
Sam Vance
as Policeman
Jake Hendrickson
as Another Kid aka Giggles
Ivy Lee
as Masseuse #2
Jackie Mah
as Carmelina
George Brett
as Himself
Andrew Harlander
as Creepy Diner
Rebecca Mazouz
as Girl No. 2
John Kapelos
as Stavros
Heather Lee
as Passenger #3
Rudy Cardenas
as Singing Waiter No. 1
Kaliko Kauahi
as Pedicurist
Ryan McGilvary
as Singing Kid No. 2
Kiva Jump
as Cindy
Will Greenberg
as Dr. Goodall
Drew Powell
as Terry (aka Bad Cop)
Matt Crabtree
as Mr. Quigley
Jenn Liu
as Mahnoosh
Jenn Liu
as Mahnoosh
Wayne Alon Scott
as Security Guard
Heather Goldenhersh
as Mrs. Wilkerson
Rob Brownstein
as Judge Lewis
Mieko Hillman
as Waitress
Alyssa Peterson
as Singing Kid No. 3
Nancy Linari
as Patti Larkin
Matt Lowe
as Young Guy
Michael C. Alexander
as Security Guard
Terrell Lee
as Security Guard
Peter Phelps
as Wise Australian
Neyssan Falahi
as French Man
Lauren Cohan
as Receptionist
Edward Stanley
as Maitre d'
Cynthia Frost
as Older Woman
Craig Stepp
as Dean Stoller
Darin Toonder
as Lead Guitarist
Marcus Folmar
as Photographer
Alex Wyse
as Sales Associate
Bayley Corman
as Sexy Lady Camper
Robin Krieger
as Neighbor No. 1
James McCauley
as Dean Miller
Bill Coelius
as Attendant
Sonari Jo
as Kid aka Mumbles
Daniel Robaire
as Guy aka Waiter
Kerry O'Malley
as Dr. Perry
Kofi Natei
as Bike Salesman
Ajay Mehta
as Vish Patel
Kandace Ferrel
as Singing Waiter No. 2
Steve Lewis
as Bent Over Ma
Frank Wood
as Reporter
Kevin Cotteleer
as Dr. Jensen
Emma Loewen
as Little Girl
Guilford Adams
as Chuckleberry
Efrain Figueroa
as Father Marquez
Chris Farah
as Teacher
Susan Egan
as Miss Ford
Jason Morales
as Singing Waiter No. 3
Tom McGowan
as Mr. Roth
Janie Haddad
as Little Girl's Mom
Patton Oswalt
as Ducky Schindler
Carole Weyers
as French Woman
Cat Alter
as Gillian
Isabella Coben
as KimmyLoveAndStuff
Libby Mintz
as Young Woman
Joshua M. Greene
as Singing Kid No. 4
Michaël Cohen
as Neighbor No. 2
Marcus Lyle Brown
as Security Guard
Joseph Sanfelippo
as Singing Waiter No. 4
Molly McCook
as Bridesmaid
Erika Varela
as Waitress
Max Katzman
as Singing Kid No. 5
Makeli Leonard
as Little Girl
Rib Hillis
as Jim Perlowe
Joanna Strapp
as Neighbor Woman
Hilary Ward
as Young Woman
Lucila Solá
as Mariela Morales
Violet Lux
as Ashley
Melody Butiu
as Babysitter
Alex Quijano
as Latino Man
Amy Motta
as Chrissy
Laurel Coddington
as Student No. 1
Murray Gershenz
as Neighbor No. 3
Emily Liu
as Nurse
Ramone Hamilton
as Trick-or-Treater
Deji LaRay
as Young Man
Bob Levitan
as Neighbor No. 4
Theo Wilson
as Security Guard
Ed Alonzo
as Kaiser Mayhem
Deji LaRay
as Young Man
Sean T. Krishnan
as Photographer
Mike Ostroski
as Man in Suit
Richard Jenik
as Jorie's Dad
Megan Goodman
as Sophomore Girl
Nike Doukas
as Mrs. Nuttle
Marisa Chen Moller
as Salesperson
Ayumi Iizuka
as Den Mother
Miranda Barraza
as Singing Kid No. 6
Gary Morgan
as Pallbearer No. 1
Ed Alonzo
as Kaiser Mayhem
Ray Blackett
as Tough Biker
Graham Clarke
as Neighbor Man
Destinie Dominguez
as Student No. 2
Josh Clark
as Father Krzyzieski
Tina D'Marco
as Anita Menchaca
Jye Williams
as Hot Aussie Guy
Josiah Dominguez
as Student No. 3
Anthony Alabi
as Buddy aka Police Officer
Michael Tuba Heatherton
as Pallbearer No. 2
Asif Ali
as Technician
Logan Riley Hassel
as Manny's Crush
John Cygan
as Admissions Dean
Jason Nott
as Big Guy aka Passenger
Jarard Kings
as Ice Cream Man
Robert Baker
as Pete Builder
Claudia Choi
as Holly's Friend
Evan Hofer
as Big Guy
Bon Ogle
as Booth Operator
Sara Amini
as Teacher
Adrian Schemm
as Singing Kid No. 7
Clint Tauscher
as Sebastian
Gianna LePera
as Karen Sullivan
Victoria Madison
as Singing Kid No. 8
Elaine Ko
as Receptionist
Vic D. Vine
as Drug Dealer
Evan O'Toole
as Kid Batman
Jonathan Chase
as Jared Cook
William Dennis Hunt
as Elderly Gentleman
Chloe Okura
as Student No. 4
Fred Cross
as Ticket Taker
Ian Bratschie
as Hot Warehouse Guy
Trevor Anthony
as Delivery Guy
Omar Leyva
as Map Seller
William Leon
as Student #1
Kim Estes
as College Dean
David Pevsner
as Dr. Nussbaum
Glenn Aldrich
as Croupier
Jill Remez
as Hostess
Evan Egel
as Waiter #1
Shayna Smith
as Singing Kid No. 9
Tom Costello
as Moderator
Chris Shen
as Student No. 5
Jon Levenson
as Lawrence
Chelsea Harris
as Receptionist
Rhasaan Orange
as M.C. on Stage
Caleb Thomas
as Freshman Boy
Mandy Levin
as Gate Attendant
Hamilton Mitchell
as Bartender No. 2
Brandon Espy
as Waiter #2
Kai Selexman
as Singing Kid No. 10
Tim True
as Mr. Lucas
Barrett Carnahan
as Rival Frat Guy
Julian Xavier
as Student No. 6
Seth Menachem
as Smart-Ass
Kim Renee
as Blackjack Dealer
Monica Young
as Flight Attendant
Saundra Rin
as Singing Kid No. 11
Nikki Gigiorgio
as Masseuse #1
Shanna Strong
as Cute Girl
Buddy White
as Singing Kid No. 12