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Mr. Show With Bob and David Season 1

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On the fourth episode of Mr. Show, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross add another fatal disease (in addition to the recurring Entitilitus) to their repertoire -- Imminent Death Syndrome. The show opens with Bob and David distractedly introducing the show while watching TV. When Bob notices that the audience is watching the same thing, he decides they'll just put the image up on the big screen for everyone. They're all watching a live transmission of the LAPD chasing -- not O.J. Simpson's white Bronco -- but the Pope-mobile. The newscasters (Tom Kinney and Jill Talley) explain that a local bishop was found "brutally excommunicated," and, because they found a Pope-like staff and conical hat at the bloody scene, the Pope is a prime suspect. The anchors later report that polls show "85 percent of the public believes the Pope didn't do it, even if he did." In another sketch, a young man named Larry (David) goes for his first guitar lesson. Nils (Bob), the teacher, responds to his tuneless strumming by proclaiming him a "guitar god." It turns out that Larry's mother called ahead, and explained that the boy only had a short time to live. He goes on to perform in a rock band, get a doctoral degree from Harvard, and practice medicine at a Florida hospital, all because no one wants to hurt his feelings. But he doesn't die. A doctor (Bob) explains that Larry has Imminent Death Syndrome, in which "the victim is literally on the brink of death for 80 to 100 years." As it turns out, this rare disease explains the successful careers of Juliette Lewis, Clarence Thomas, Anne Rice, and many others. Later in the show, a performance artist, Spank (David), takes the American flag to court, because he became constipated when he tried to defecate on it.