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The late Shirley Bellinger (Kathryn Erbe) assists Hill (Harold Perrineau Jr.) with the narration. Mayor Wilson Lowen (Tom Atkins) is on trial for the 1963 murder of two black girls, and Governor Devlin's (Zeljko Ivanek) supportive comments have caused race riots. When Lowen is found guilty, Devlin decides to send him to Oz until things cool down. He warns Glynn (Ernie Hudson) to keep Lowen safe. In Oz, Beecher (Lee Tergesen) learns about his father's murder. When Lowen, who has a personal relationship with Schillinger (J.K. Simmons), chokes on some food, Beecher saves his life. In response, Schillinger vows not to interfere with Beecher's parole hearing, and Beecher is granted parole. Martinez (Carlos Leon) and Penders (John Lurie) come down with the same illness as White (Michael Wright). Nathan (Lauren Velez) tells Glynn that they've been exposed to toxins, and that Martinez needs to be hospitalized. Glynn refuses to transfer Martinez because he doesn't want the story getting out. Morales (David Zayas) is worried that Martinez will spill the beans about the assault on Brass (Blake Robbins). Rebadow (George Morfogen) develops feelings for Stella (Patti LuPone), while Busmalis (Tom Mardirosian) still refuses to see Norma. Kirk (Sean Dugan) continues plotting to destroy Mukada (B.D. Wong) as his conflict with fellow death row prisoner Hoyt (Evan Seinfeld) comes to a head. Said (Eamonn Walker) works to get Hill's memoirs published. When a telemarketing company sets up shop in Oz, Redding (Anthony Chisholm) decides to volunteer his crew in order to get them out of drug dealing. Alvarez (Kirk Acevedo), determined to go straight, begs his wife to visit him. O'Reilly (Dean Winters) turns to Pancamo (Chuck Zito) to deal with Schibetta (Eddie Malavarca), while Robson (R.E. Rodgers) is forced to turn to Cutler (Brendan Kelly) for protection from Pancamo.


Ernie Hudson
as Leo Glynn
Terry Kinney
as Tim McManus
Rita Moreno
as Sister Peter Marie Reimondo
B.D. Wong
as Father Ray Mukada
Harold Perrineau
as Augustus Hill
Eamonn Walker
as Kareem Said
Lee Tergesen
as Tobias Beecher
J.K. Simmons
as Vern Schillinger
Sean Dugan
as Timmy Kirk
Tom Mardirosian
as Agamemnon Busmalis
Dean Winters
as Ryan O'Reily
Luna Lauren Vélez
as Dr. Gloria Nathan
George Morfogen
as Bob Rebadow
Kirk Acevedo
as Miguel Alvarez
Tom Atkins
as Mayor Loewen
Betty Buckley
as Suzanne Fitzgerald
Granville Adams
as Zahir Arif
Jerome Preston Bates
as Off. Travis Smith
Robert Clohessy
as Off. Sean Murphy
Sandy Denton
as Off. Andrea Phelan
Carl DiMaggio
as Off. Len Lopresti
Kathryn Erbe
as Shirley Bellinger
David Zayas
as Enrique Morales
Zeljko Ivanek
as Gov. James Devlin
Brendan Kelly
as Wolfgang Cutler
Jon Korkes
as Off. Tom Robinson
Tom Ligon
as Alvin Yood
Eddie Malavarca
as Peter Schibetta
Ellen McElduff
as Eleanor O'Connor
John Palumbo
as Don Zanghi
Andy Powers
as Franklin Winthrop
Blake Robbins
as Off. David Brass
R.E. Rodgers
as James Robson
Kristin Rohde
as Off. Claire Howell
Michael Wright
as Omar White
Emanuel Yarbrough
as Clarence Seroy
Andrea Anders
as Donna Degenhart
Peter Benson
as Reporter
Zach Gold
as Photographer
Bash Hallow
as Assistant
Tara Martell
as Officer
Reg E. Cathey
as Martin Querns
Anthony Chisholm
as Burr Reading
John Doman
as Col. Edward Galson
Christopher Meloni
as Christopher Keller
Rick Fox
as Jackson Vayhue
Joel Grey
as Lemuel Idzick
Ray Iannicelli
as Off. Roger Breese
Patti LuPone
as Stella Coffa
John Lurie
as Greg Pender
Milo O'Shea
as Dr. Frederick Garvey
Blayne Perry
as Samuel Gougeon
Larry Pine
as Arnold Zelman
Sandra Purpuro
as Catherine McClain
Otto Sanchez
as Carmen `Chico' Guerra
Paul Schulze
as Off. Rick Heim
Philip Scozzarella
as Off. Joseph Mineo
Jon Seda
as Dino Ortolani
Lou Sones
as Steve Dawkins
Thomas G. Waites
as Henry Stanton
Joel West
as Glen Shupe
Steven Wishnoff
as Tony Masters
Chuck Zito
as Charles Pancamo
Dena Atlantic
as Floria Mills
Tim Brown
as Off. Jason Armstrong
Bobby Cannavale
as Alonzo Torquemada
Antoni Corone
as Frances Urbano
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