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Air date: Jul 8, 2019
Air date: Jul 8, 2019
Air date: Jul 9, 2019
Air date: Jul 9, 2019
Air date: Jul 10, 2019
Air date: Jul 10, 2019

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Bex Taylor-Klaus
as Audrey Jensen
John Karna
as Noah Foster
Willa Fitzgerald
as Emma Duvall
Tracy Middendorf
as Maggie Duvall
Amadeus Serafini
as Kieran Wilcox
Carlson Young
as Brooke Maddox
Tom Maden
as Jake Fitzgerald
Santiago Segura
as Gustavo Acosta
Santiago Segura
as Gustavo Acosta
Jason Wiles
as Sheriff Clark
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Critic Reviews for Scream Season 3

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There is a way to deliver an addictive and fun "killer on the loose" television series, but this isn't it.

Jul 13, 2019 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

Scream season 3 shines in its character portrayal but falls flat with the horror. This season had a lot to live up to, and while it didn't quite meet my expectations at the end of the day, it was a fun ride while it lasted.

Jul 13, 2019 | Rating: 2.5/5 | Full Review…

Scream: Resurrection isn't a complete waste of your time, but it's still difficult to recommend. All of the flaws from the previous two seasons are still there. The writing is pedestrian. The direction is flat.

Jul 13, 2019 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

If there's one takeaway from Scream Season 3 it's that this new killer is just as creative as the ones from the movie series.

Jul 9, 2019 | Rating: 4.25/5 | Full Review…

It's cleaner and crazier than the previous seasons and leans much heavier into the meta of the franchise... But, none of these things are enough to save the series from serious stumbles that make the long wait for its return simply not worth it.

Jul 8, 2019 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Scream: Season 3

  • 3d ago
    Should have stuck with original characters. 3rd season felt like a sad attempt to redo season 1
  • 3d ago
    Please cancel this season was a waste of my time.
  • 4d ago
    I like that they changed the story and characters before the old ones got boring. This cast and mix of characters is refreshing, funny, and I'm enjoying the new twist to the ghost face story!
  • 4d ago
    God, so much wrong.. What is it with the idea of every movie or tv series in the past couple years that the writers think they need to push highly over exaggerated racism/sexism to make a point, even if the show has nothing to do with any political issues whatsoever? Kym's character was so much cringe, constantly making references that the police see black people as nothing but roaches. Any time she comes into contact with police, she always approaches them with hands in the air shouting "I AM UNARMED!" yikes... her character was terrible the entire time and they attempt to paint her as the hero at the end, bigger yikes. And for the white people, they're all painted as some shitty garbage people, why? From preppy football player with no boundaries to overly aggressive hill billies, both abusive. And the only interesting white character turns out to be one of the killers, nice one. As for the non-political issues with the series, the acting was terrible (no one had actual tears while "crying") & the final girl speech? Kym did nothing productive the entire time, why was she made to look like the best character right at the end? So many plot holes/poorly explained parts too. Wasn't Tommy gay? So why is he moving in with Kym? And speaking of Tommy, Deion never had a problem with him but wasn't he the one that threw Marcus' candy in the car yard which got him killed? Why wouldn't you be mad at him for that? And Beth? She was "born" a killer and was just "searching" for an origin story? huh? Wow, so edgy hahahaha. There are so many more issues like how the group just happened to be so diverse and coincidental but that's the least of my concerns. If you're wanting to watch it, i'll save you some time and tell you not to. Trust me, it is NOT worth your time.
  • 4d ago
    Way too political why can't we just have a good show. Way to go Queen latifah.
  • Sep 15, 2019
    This show had no character. Good gore, bad story telling.
  • Sep 15, 2019
    Such a disappointment.
  • Sep 14, 2019
    Terrible acting, unbelievable characters with no relatability. Not scary
  • Sep 13, 2019
    This season as a reboot had me jumping through loops trying to figure out the killer. The twist had me shook harder than anything before!
  • Sep 13, 2019
    Seasons 1 and 2 were great. I greatly enjoyed the mix of characters and the realism paired with classic thrill, but this new season is like they are trying to re-paint a classic by making it as generic as possible. Like seriously they attempt to make the point of the season "self-awareness" along with these basic character archetypes who have probably some of the most unrealistic responses to character death onscreen that I have ever seen. Not enough work went into writing the characters or deepening the plot. Season 3 isn't worth anything but a halfhearted approval for its ability to make you slightly less bored.

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