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Two desperate parents send their tearaway teens, Ritchie and Hannah, to rural Turkey to experience conservative parenting at the hands of schoolteachers Ali and Canan Vural for a week. The first fight kicks off when Ali asks Ritchie to hand over his oversized earring. Ritchie responds by breaking the rules and going outside for a smoke. When the teens are asked to work in a lemon grove, Hannah gets stuck in but Ritchie only pretends to work and when the farmer refuses to pay him he storms off in anger. When Ritchie and Hannah experience real family life with Ali's extended family in the mountains, the British teens start to realise what's missing from their lives. Over the week, Hannah admits to Turkish mum Canan that she punched her own mum and gave her a black eye. Canan helps her realise she mistreated her mother and gets Hannah to write home to apologise. Will Hannah's letter be enough to mend the bridges when she arrives back in England?