The Adventures of Superman (1952 - 1958)

The Adventures of Superman

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Release Date: 1952

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The Man of Steel battles `for truth, justice and the American way,' while his alter ego, Clark Kent, works as a reporter for the Daily Planet in this classic series. It premiered in syndication in 1952 after the superhero had already been popularized in comic books, radio and the movies. The series ran until 1957, but the iconic character continued to find work in film, TV (most notably, `Lois & Clark' and `Smallville') and even a campy Broadway musical.

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1958, Syndicated, 15 episodes

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1957, Syndicated, 13 episodes

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1956, Syndicated, 13 episodes

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1955, Syndicated, 13 episodes

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1953, Syndicated, 26 episodes

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1952, Syndicated, 26 episodes


George Reeves
as Superman/Clark Kent
Jack Larson
as Jimmy Olsen
John Hamilton
as Perry White
Robert Shayne
as Insp. William Henderson
Phyllis Coates
as Lois Lane
Noel Neill
as Lois Lane
Phil Tead
as Mr. Willy
Herb Vigran
as Mortimer Murray
Sterling Holloway
as Uncle Oscar Quinn
Myron Healey
as Gunner Flinch
Sid Tomack
as Ruffles
Richard Reeves
as Bad Luck Brannigan
John Eldredge
as Walter Canby
Dabbs Greer
as Man Rescue by Superman
Rick Vallin
as Scarface
Peter Brocco
as Dr. H.L. Orr
Jeff Corey
as Luke Benson
Trevor Bardette
as Bet-a-Million Butler
Dan Seymour
as Lou Cranek
Peter Mamakos
as Happy King
Stephen Carr
as Mr. Quinn
Paul Burke
as Henchman
Lane Bradford
as Chris White
Leon Askin
as Ferdinand
Fred E. Sherman
as Insp. D.K. Sims
Lawrence Ryle
as Dr. Gregory Barnack
Ted Hecht
as Ahmed
Maurice Cass
as Owner of Ellie's
Leonard Penn
as Pedro Mandoza
Pierre Watkin
as Harry Green
Billy Curtis
as Mole Man #1
Malcolm Mealey
as Wayne Winchester
Everett Glass
as Prof. La Serne
Raymond Hatton
as Sage Brusch
Selmar Jackson
as Col. Redding
Richard Elliot
as Sam Bleaker
Richard Benedict
as Baby Face Stevens
Maudie Prickett
as Mrs. Matilda Teazey
Michael Vallon
as Organ Grinder
Martin Garralaga
as Chief of Police
Damian O'Flynn
as Dr. Harper
Sarah Padden
as Aunt Louisa
Doris Singleton
as Gloria Harper
Frank Ferguson
as Mr. Frank
Harry Tyler
as Mr. Bots
Charles W. Gray
as Fake Arresting Officer
Donald Lawton
as President Bateo
Rhys Williams
as Macey Taylor
Lucien Littlefield
as Horatio Hinkle
Kay Morley
as Elaine Carson
Claude Akins
as Ace Miller
Robert Lowery
as Gary Allen
Henry Blair
as Bobby Exbrook
Freeman Lusk
as D.W. Griswald
Michael Fox
as Lead Criminal
Chuck Connors
as Sylvester J. Superman
Gloria Talbott
as Myra Van Clever
Carl Ritchie
as Frank Smullins
Joi Lansing
as Sgt. Helen J. O'Hara
Mira McKinney
as Mme. Selena Dawn
William Forrest
as Mr. Crane
Peter Whitney
as Capt. McBain
Steve Pendleton
as Max Krugar
Vera Marshe
as Harriet Hopper
Hugh Beaumont
as Dan Grayson
Frank J. Scannell
as Marty Mitchell
Walter Reed
as Bill Corrigan
Julian Upton
as Claude James
Jack Reitzen
as Ali Zing
Patrick Aherne
as Insp. Farrington
Arthur Space
as Dr. Wilson
John Cliff
as A Heavy
Jim Hayward
as Tim Mallory
Maurice Marsac
as Marcel Douvail
Frank Jenks
as Candy Meyers
Yvonne White
as Sarah Green
Lyn Thomas
as Waitress
Jonathan Hale
as Col. Brand
Marshall Reed
as Deputy Insp. Hill
Edmund Cobb
as Lafe Reiser
John Phillips
as Plainclothesman
James Seay
as Sen. Taylor
Ray Walker
as John Craig
Ed Hinton
as Caveman
Syd Saylor
as Mr. Marco
Steven Geray
as Prof. Van Wyck
Elaine Riley
as Miss Collins (X-29)
John Maxwell
as Tommy Dinelli
Vic Perrin
as Scurvy
Henry Corden
as Johnson (Legbo)
Lester Sharpe
as Andrew Dawn
Judy Nugent
as Ann Carson
Sam Flint
as Warden
Joe Forte
as Director Adams
Tamar Cooper
as Woman Artist
Lilyan Chauvin
as Anna Constantine
Ken Mayer
as Albert
Buddy Lewis
as Eddie Vogel
Colin Campbell
as Sir Arthur McCredy
Maurice Jara
as Red Hawk
Julie Bennet
as Sometimes Mabel
Sam Finn
as Fingers Danny
Paul Cavanaugh
as Delbert Carter
Robert Tafur
as Vice-President Oberon
Paul Power
as Sir Gawaine
Harry Arnie
as Old Moe
Eddie Baker
as Café Owner
Rudolph Anders
as Dr. Rudolf Albrecht
Ralph Sanford
as Superburger Customer
Joel Friedkin
as Oscar the Janitor
Charles Williams
as Uniformed Policeman
George Eldredge
as Thomas Wingate
Ted Ryan
as Off. Riley
Chet Marshall
as Prince Gregory
Virginia Carroll
as Mrs. Williams
Gloria Saunders
as Lily Sung
Helen Wallace
as Mrs. Wallace
Lois Hall
as Mrs. Winters
Toni Carroll
as Dorothy Manners
Mickey Knox
as Flagpole Sitter
Richard Emory
as Fire Lieutenant
Ann Doran
as Mrs. King
Lou Krugman
as Jacques Loviler
Griff Barnett
as Dr. Edward Stanton
Tom Powers
as Director of Train Company
Clark Howat
as Roberts' Assistant
Donald Diamond
as Harry Fix
George Barrows
as Slouchy McGoo
Eve McVeagh
as Mrs. Wilson
Juan Duval
as Dr. Cuesta
Norma Varden
as Mabel McCredy
Jean Dean
as Alma Dennis
Ted Stanhope
as Charlie King
Ed Penny
as Policeman
Len Hendry
as Nick Mitchell
George Selk
as Prof. Von Brunner
Al Eben
as Big Ed Bullock
Anthony Caruso
as Luigi Dinelli
Harry Lewis
as Harold Crane
Dick Rich
as Toots
Richard Garland
as Steve Emmet
Phil Arnold
as "Q" Ball
Lester Dorr
as Bus Driver
Buddy Mason
as Police Officer
Nolan Leary
as Jewelry Store Guard
Sam Balter
as Radio Announcer
John Bambury
as Mole Man #2
Norman Budd
as Johnny (T-Ball) Sims
Murray Alper
as Sanders
J. Anthony Hughes
as Director of Mercy General
George J. Lewis
as John Hancock
James Brick Sullivan
as Uniformed Officer
Albert Carrier
as Pierre Lumont
Jason Johnson
as Sir Henry
Craig Duncan
as Tex Dawson
Joseph Mell
as The Professor
Frances Morris
as Sarah Kent
Hal Gerard
as Prof. Laverra
Raymond Greenleaf
as Dr. Anderson
Harry Mendoza
as Simon O'Toole
Tom Bernard
as Doug the Newsboy
Charles Watts
as Bill Green
Jack Lomas
as Big Jack
Orville Sherman
as Gangster Scientist
Roy Gordon
as Postello
Lou Lubin
as Henchman
Denver Pyle
as Ernie Hatch
John Daly
as Dogcatcher
Russ Conklin
as Slippery Elm
Jack Kruschen
as 1st Airport Robber
Frank Connor
as Driver Who Pays Fine
James Craven
as John Greer
Jack George
as Van DeGlass
Rolfe Sedan
as Dr. Watts
Frank Kreig
as The Brain
Natividad Vacio
as Insp. Tomaio
Jerry Maren
as Mole Man #3
Tito Renaldo
as Swami Ram
Milton Kibbee
as Harry Hansen
Renny McEvoy
as Carnival Barker
Jay Lawrence
as Track Announcer
Frank Fenton
as Mortimer Vanderlip
Wayne Heffley
as Duke Barlow
Eddie LeVeque
as Senor Juan Lucke
George Hamilton
as Dr. Simon Jerrod
Bob Williams
as Uniformed Officer
Julian Rivero
as Taxi Driver
Sherry Moreland
as Bank Teller
Pat O'Moore
as Mr. Bennet
Steve Conte
as 1st Henchman
Eric Snowden
as Capt. Thud
Thomas P. Dillon
as Museum Guard
Tom Fadden
as Eben Kent
Tom Monroe
as John DeBreer
Brad Mora
as Tim Grayson
Joseph Vitale
as Chief Foreign Agent
Almira Sessions
as Miss Bachrach
Nan Boardman
as Maria Douvail
Jean Willes
as Miss Cooper
Robert Foulk
as Big Tom Rufus
Charles La Torre
as Raoul Durrant
Wilkie de Martel
as Mr. McTavish
Ken Alton
as Burns
Joel Riordan
as Torch Operator
Smoki Whitfield
as Voodoo Drummer
Clyde Cook
as News Vendor
Alan Reynolds
as Mr. Kelley
Myrna Fahey
as Miss Dunn
John Ayres
as Navy Admiral
Herman Cantor
as Uniformed Officer
Robert Crosson
as Boy Chief of Police
Franz Roehn
as Jacques DuCrae
Effie Laird
as Real Aunt Louisa
Al Kikume
as Native
Thomas Moore
as Husband
Carolyn Scott
as Baroness Tina D'Amour
Ric Roman
as The Snorkel
Harry Fleer
as Lefty Hook
Claire Du Brey
as Mrs. Craig
Dani Sue Nolan
as Miss Bachrach
Frank Orth
as Carl Wagner
Max Wagner
as Shortwave Radio Operator
Otto Waldis
as Foreign Agent
Ruta Lee
as Teenage Dancer
Reed Howes
as Policeman
Cliff Ferre
as Airport Dispatcher
Ken Christy
as Mr. McCoy
Ron Foster
as 1st Policeman
John Baer
as Krueger
Jack Pepper
as Custodian
Jack Daly
as Mr. Perkins
Gregg Barton
as Sheriff
Stephen Bekassy
as Col. Grubeck
Phillip Barnes
as Truck Driver
Jack Finch
as Thomas Summerfield
Laurie Mitchell
as Nancy Boyd
Hal Cooper
as Mike Thompson
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TV Network: Syndicated
Premiere Date: Sep 19, 1952
Genre: Action & Adventure
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