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Breathtaking Hong Kong where traditional Chinese customs and the mystique of the East reside side by side with contemporary urban life opens its doors to the Bachelorette and the remaining men. Yet the stage is set for another emotional explosion: Bentley, the bachelor that Ashley cannot forget, flies halfway around the world to see her. Ashley still needs closure with this unscrupulous bachelor in order to move along with the other men; but why is he really there, and how will it affect Ashley and her relationship with the remaining bachelors? Lucas opens up about a very emotional time in his life his difficult divorce hoping to capture a rose. World-famous Stanley Beach is the backdrop for a thrilling dragon boat race between the intensely competitive men. And sparks fly when J.P. and Ashley go on a special one-on-one date to Victoria's Peak Park, but how will he take it when Ashley tells him about Bentley's surprise trip?


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