The Incredible Hulk (1978 - 1982)

The Incredible Hulk

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Release Date: 1978

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Talk about anger-management issues! Radiation turns a scientist into a raging green behemoth whenever he becomes agitated. Unable to control his transformations, David Banner searches for a cure as he crosses the country, `Fugitive'-style, with a dogged tabloid reporter on his trail. Based on the Marvel Comics character, the Hulk was resurrected in a 2003 theatrical film, in which Lou Ferrigno appeared as a security guard.

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1981, CBS, 7 episodes

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1980, CBS, 18 episodes

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1979, CBS, 23 episodes

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1978, CBS, 23 episodes

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1978, CBS, 10 episodes


Bill Bixby
as Dr. David Banner
Lou Ferrigno
as The Hulk
Jack Colvin
as Jack McGee
Ted Cassidy
as Narrator
Paul Koslo
as Carl
Dick O'Neill
as Callahan
Bruce Wright
as Richard
Harry Townes
as Dell Frye
Laurie Prange
as Katie Maxwell
Jed Mills
as Teddy
Bill Henderson
as Babalao/Moray
Tom Stechschulte
as Lt. Jerry Banks
Bradford Dillman
as Michael Sutton
Donna Marshall
as Norma Crespi Lang
Sam Groom
as Hank Lynch
Ray Walston
as Jasper Dowd
William Windom
as Sgt. Jack Keeler
Charlie Brill
as Sol Diamond
Tom Holland
as Frank Silva
Tony Burton
as Taylor George
Lee Bryant
as Carrie Banks
June Allyson
as Dr. Kate Lowell
Richard Loo
as Kam Chong
Jared Martin
as Jack Stewart
Linden Chiles
as Cunningham
Wendy Girard
as Lisa Morgan
Dabbs Greer
as Dr. Malone
Rudy Solari
as Dr. Stewart
Howard Witt
as Bob Cory
Philip Abbott
as Dr. Murrow
Caroline Smith
as Pat Steinhauer
Tom Clancy
as Edgar Tucker
Katherine Cannon
as Jackie Swan
Brenda Benet
as Annie Caplan
Michael Conrad
as Emerson Fletcher
Lee de Broux
as Deputy Evans
Debbie Lytton
as Samantha
Annette Charles
as Rita Montoya
Marie Windsor
as Belle Starr
Tommy Madden
as Buster Caldwell
Jon Cedar
as Sam Egan
Regis J. Cordic
as Dean Eckart
Paul Marin
as Malamud
Melendy Britt
as Joan Singer
Stephen Fenning
as Johnny Wolff
Robert Donner
as Benedict
Jan Sterling
as Stella Verdugo
Leo DeLyon
as Trainer
Al Ruscio
as Sariego
Dana Elcar
as Sheriff Harris
Aline Towne
as Nurse Phalen
Jack Rader
as Major Anderson
Walter Brooke
as Mark Roberts
Roger Robinson
as Captain Welsh
Peter Hobbs
as Dr. Hart
Max Showalter
as Walter Gamble
Johnny Haymer
as Fred Lewitt
Lynn Carlin
as Elizabeth Collins
Jane Merrow
as Dr. Jane Cabot
Richard Yniguez
as Frank Rivera
Dean Santoro
as Campion
Rebecca York
as Mary Walker
W.K. Stratton
as Deputy Munro
Jon Lormer
as Dr. Rawlins
Marla Pennington
as Miriam Charles
Jason Ross
as Beat Cop
Sondra Currie
as Stephanie
Gene Evans
as Kelley
Art Metrano
as Charlie Watts
Michael Baseleon
as Michael Swift
Deanna Lund
as Terri Ann
Guy Boyd
as Howston
Allan Rich
as Luther Mason
H.B. Haggerty
as Gregor Botemkin
Jim Emery
as Steve
Charles Alvin Bell
as Gas Station Man
Stephen Keep
as Fitzgerald
Gwen Van Dam
as Mayor Murphy
Wayne Storm
as Chuck Schlosser
Al Berry
as Trucker
Austin Stoker
as Rev. Williams
Alan Toy
as Bobby
Karl Held
as Jonathan
Mo Malone
as Rosalyn
Tiger Williams
as Tobey (as a boy)
Iris Korn
as Woman
Anthony Herrera
as Don Sipes
Ben Gerard
as Sanderson
Jane Chung
as Gramma Loo
Reed Diamond
as Young David
Judy Jean Berns
as Mrs. Donner
John Alvin
as Dr. Patterson
John Crawford
as Tom Elder
Hugh Smith
as Bernie
Danny Dayton
as Skipper
Doris Dowling
as Nurse Grasso
Susan Cotton
as Cynthia
Mark McGee
as Sir Francis Drake
Fred Ward
as Henchman
Dennis Bowen
as Dale Jenks
Raymond O'Keefe
as Gas Station Owner
Don Keefer
as MacIntire
Shirley O'Hara
as Mrs. MacIntire
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