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The king is a portly parcel deliveryman whose Queens castle is invaded by his father-in-law after the old man burns down his own house. In this popular sitcom, which strives for a blue-collar 'Honeymooners'-like feel, Doug Heffernan (like Ralph Kramden before him) is fortunate to have a loving, understanding wife.

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Critics Consensus: The King of Queens would never reign as a critical darling, but the series bowed out with dignity as an unassuming and undemanding sitcom worth having a beer with.

2006, CBS, 13 episodes

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2005, CBS, 23 episodes

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2004, CBS, 22 episodes

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2003, CBS, 24 episodes

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2002, CBS, 25 episodes

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2001, CBS, 25 episodes

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2000, CBS, 25 episodes

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1999, CBS, 25 episodes

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1998, CBS, 25 episodes


Kevin James
as Doug Heffernan
Leah Remini
as Carrie Heffernan
Jerry Stiller
as Arthur Spooner
Victor Williams
as Deacon Palmer
Patton Oswalt
as Spence Olchin
Larry Romano
as Richie Ianucci
Lisa Rieffel
as Sara Spooner
Merrin Dungey
as Kelly Palmer
Gary Valentine
as Danny Heffernan
Ricki Lake
as Stephanie Heffernan
Marshaun Daniel
as Kirby Palmer
Nicole Sullivan
as Holly Shumpert
Sam McMurray
as O'Boyle
Alex Skuby
as Lawyer Doug
Nikki Tyler-Flynn
as Sharon Nash
Angelo Pagan
as Customer
Amy Stiller
as Allison
Ray Romano
as Ray Barone
Bryan Cranston
as Tim Sacksky
Dee Dee Rescher
as Dorothy Sacksky
Frantz Turner
as Mr. Gillard
Joe Flaherty
as Father McAndrew
Norma Michaels
as Josephine
Steffiana De La Cruz
as Masseuse No. 1
Jackie Flynn
as Pool Player
Chris Elliott
as F. Moynihan
Lainie Kazan
as Ava St. Clair
Gavin MacLeod
as Uncle Stu
Larry Newman
as Teacher
Gregory White
as Berenson
Randy Kovitz
as Dr. Davis
Kevin Cooney
as Jack Brennan
Doris Roberts
as Marie Barone
Carol Ann Susi
as Ms. DeLuca
Patricia Place
as Sample Lady
Alex Dodd
as Sanjib
Ossie Mair
as Sanjib's Father
Madison Lanc
as Young Carrie
Lisa Banes
as Georgia Boone
John Getz
as Mr. Dugan
Brad Garrett
as Robert Barone
Robert Ito
as Mr. Fugita
William Hurt
as Dr. Taber
Michael Yavnieli
as Delivery Man
Kerry Aissa
as Third Baseman
Michael C. Mahon
as Mr. Rogers
Tom Amandes
as Les Fisker
Lenny Wolpe
as Dr. Berger
Ben Stiller
as Seamus Spooner
Roger Marks
as Hasidic Man
John F. Donohue
as Supervisor O'Boyle
Pat Sajak
as Himself
Burt Reynolds
as Coach Walcott
Marla Gibbs
as Nana Louise
Dave Foley
as Dr. Mark Wagner
Robert Silver
as Uncle Chester
Andy Mackenzie
as Bill Dwyer
Parry Shen
as Stockboy
Peter Tork
as Band Leader
Jennifer Tung
as Laura-Beth
Elizabeth Storm
as Marion Douglas
Rey Gallegos
as Bad Guy
Ron West
as Mr. Hecht
Adam West
as Himself
Josh Cooke
as Rabbi Feldman
Kevin Dalbey
as Singer No. 1
Todd Sandler
as Bruce Pibb
Anna Pheil
as Jennifer
David Stenstrom
as Bill Davies
Ari Green
as Rohit
Jordan Green
as Nicholas
Nicholas Turturro
as Vince Dinelli
Rebecca Metz
as Lee-Anne
Lori Hall
as Jennifer
Ken Neufeld
as Singer No. 2
Eric Roberts
as Jack Strohmeyer
Tim Matheson
as Dr. Farber
Joe Sabatino
as Policeman
John Sterling Carter
as Bill Monaghan
Marie Caldare
as Francesca
Jon Curry
as Jimmy
Lolly Ward
as Receptionist
Erik Per Sullivan
as Young Arthur
Hayley Erin
as Charlotte
David Manis
as Dr. Linhardt
Angel Boris
as Suzannah
George Coe
as Father Biskup
Myndy Crist
as Jessica Wicks
Pat Finn
as Tom Busterman
Judge Reinhold
as Dr. Crawford
Trish Simmons
as Salesperson
Jeanine Jackson
as Rhonda Phillips
Lacie Harmon
as Policewoman
Adam Carl
as Kenny
Janelle Inez
as Jennifer
Orson Bean
as Carl Nash
Julie Mullen
as Receptionist
Mark Withers
as IPS Driver
Richard Voigts
as Father Sheehan
Carlos Cervantes
as Carlos Rodriguez
Robert Klein
as Bruce Degner
Jim Raycroft
as Singer No. 3
Michael Corbett
as Executive
Sam Pancake
as Desk Clerk
Lisa Long
as Miss Mancini
Bill A. Jones
as Mr. Brill
Robin Lee Noll
as Nurse Berman
Bess Meyer
as Melinda
Christopher Gehrman
as Sandwich Guy
Angee Hughes
as Miss Berman
P.J. Marino
as Ice Cream Man No. 1
Bruce Fine
as Det. Perry
Patricia Heaton
as Debra Barone
Bill New
as Singer No. 4
Al Pugliese
as Mr. Vosk
Katherine Disque
as Slot Hostess
Armando Molina
as Father Santiago
Peter Dante
as Justin Ravo
Charmin Lee
as Robin Gilliard
Dan Gerrity
as Mr. Crotty
Robbie Troy
as Ilana Berenson
Lou Saliba
as Dr. Douglas Heffernan
Jackie Sandler
as Mrs. Kaufman
Jason Beck
as Derrick Broadnax
Harold Gould
as Irv Glassman
Dan Desmond
as Winnebago Bob
Joseph Brown
as First Baseman
Jim Staahl
as Halliburton
Kelly Hawthorne
as Stephanie
Norma Micheals
as Josephine
Cheryl Bricker
as Dolly Von Wimmel
Anthony Albano
as Casino Employee
Vincent Cefalu
as Mr. Owens
Edith Fields
as Mrs. Hanley
Derek Luke
as Delivery Man
Laura Hayes
as Mrs. Merriweather
Wesley Leong
as Mr. Huang
Andrew Reville
as Ice Cream Man No. 2
Tom Virtue
as Mr. Landry
Rob Evors
as Gas Man
Daniel E. Smith
as Little Deacon
Steve Tom
as Golf Marshal
Duane Shepard Sr.
as Deacon's Father
Billy Gardell
as Billy Kelner
Carol Schlanger
as Customer No. 1
Nicole Remini
as Masseuse No. 2
Jason Peck
as Waiter
Sue Nelson
as Receptionist
Tom Yi
as Foreign Guy
Dick Enberg
as Himself
Shawn Huang
as Chi Long
Mauricio Mendoza
as Carlos Cedeno
Bob Bancroft
as Mr. Levy
Bill Erwin
as Whitey
Steve Fix
as Bippy
Alex Ryan
as Mindy
Al White
as Rev. Brown
Paul Willson
as Salesguy
Chazz Wolcott
as 12-Year-Old Arthur
Daniel Passer
as Photographer
Steven Shaw
as Customer No. 3
Cody Klop
as Frederick
David Monzingo
as Puppeteer
Nancy Ellen Cassaro
as Mrs. Horowitz
Sanford Wernick
as Principal Nagel
Mia Drake
as Waitress
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 21, 1998
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Michael J. Weithorn
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