Forced Family Fun, Parts 1 and 2


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With school about to start in a few days, Frankie realizes that she and Mike have barely spent any time together with the kids over the summer so she insists that they take a short family vacation. But when Mike decides that the perfect family getaway is a camping trip, memories of their campsite honeymoon 19 years earlier which was ruined by Nicky (guest star RAY ROMANO), a sad-sack, former high school acquaintance of Mike's come flashing back, on the third season premiere.


Patricia Heaton
as Frankie Heck
Neil Flynn
as Mike Heck
Eden Sher
as Sue Heck
Atticus Shaffer
as Brick Heck
Ray Romano
as Nicky Kohlbrenner
Jen Ray
as Nancy Donahue
Jen Ray
as Nancy Donahue
Beau Wirick
as Sean Donahue
Laura Ann Kesling
as Dotty Donahue
Sam Schuder
as Shelly Donahue
Jill Tracy
as Jill Hobert
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