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15-year-old Amy (Shailene Woodley) finds herself facing an unexpected pregnancy after a onetime hookup at band camp with Ricky, the school cad. Then she meets nice guy Ben, who's so enamored with her that he joins the band. Elsewhere, popular cheerleader Grace starts wearing an abstinence promise ring to show her commitment to her Christian values, causing much anxiety for her boyfriend, Jack.


Shailene Woodley
as Amy Juergens
Molly Ringwald
as Anne Juergens
Mark Derwin
as George Juergens
India Eisley
as Ashley Juergens
Francia Raisa
as Adrian Lee
Megan Park
as Grace Bowman
Greg Finley
as Jack Pappas
Ken Baumann
as Ben Boykewich
John Schneider
as Marshall Bowman
Daren Kagasoff
as Ricky Underwood
Kenny Baumann
as Ben Boykewich
Josie Bissett
as Kathleen Bowman
Ernie Hudson
as Dr. Fields
Luke Zimmerman
as Tom Bowman
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