Homer's Odyssey
The Simpsons Season 1

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Homer Simpson (voice of Dan Castellaneta) has never been one of the more distinguished employees at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, but he reaches the last straw after a long series of accidents when he crashes an electric cart into a pipe full of radioactive waste -- just as his son Bart (voice of Nancy Cartwright) is touring the plant with his class from school. Homer has no luck finding a new job, and falls into a deep depression; eventually, Homer decides to drown himself by jumping off a bridge, but when his family arrives at the last moment to save him, they're nearly hit by a speeding car. Deciding the intersection near the bridge is dangerous, Homer appears at a Springfield City Council meeting to demand a stop sign be installed; when the council agrees, Homer decides he's found a new purpose in life, and he becomes Springfield's leading safety crusader. Before long, Homer has become affiliated with People Against People for Nuclear Energy, a group looking to close down the Nuclear Power Plant for a number of safety violations. But Homer still needs a job, and he finds himself torn when the plant's owner Mr. Burns (voice of Harry Shearer) offers him a cushy, higher-paying job to shut him up. "Homer's Odyssey" was first aired on January 21, 1990.


Dan Castellaneta
as Homer Simpson/Grampa/Krusty the Clown/Barney/Mayor Quimby
Julie Kavner
as Marge Simpson/Patty Bouvier/Selma Bouvier
Nancy Cartwright
as Bart Simpson/Nelson Muntz/Todd Flanders/Ralph Wiggum/Kearney
Yeardley Smith
as Lisa Simpson
Marcia Wallace
as Edna Krabappel
Harry Shearer
as Mr. Burns/Lenny/Ned Flanders/Seymour Skinner/Waylon Smithers
Pamela Hayden
as Milhouse Van Houten/Rod Flanders
Hank Azaria
as Moe Szyslak/Chief Wiggum
Chris Latta
as Mr. Burns
Sam McMurray
as SNPP Employee/Duff Commercial VO
Russi Taylor
as Sherri/Terri/Inanimate Carbon Rod #1 / Mrs. Winfield
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