The Shelter


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One of the few Twilight Zone episodes with virtually no sci-fi/fantasy trappings whatsoever, this is nonetheless a disturbing and unsettling half hour. In the midst of a surprise birthday party, the revellers are shocked to hear a Civil Defense announcement on the radio, declaring that America is under attack from UFOs. Only Dr. Stockton (Larry Gates) has had the foresight to build a bomb shelter, and before long, he and his family are besieged by desperate neighbors, demanding to be allowed to take refuge in Stockton's cellar. As tensions reach a fever pitch, all of the suppressed hostilities and prejudices of the neighbors come rushing to the surface -- a dangerous situation reminiscent of the finale of the first-season episode "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street," minus the extraterrestrial punchline. Written by Rod Serling, "The Shelter" first aired on September 29, 1961.


Peggy Stewart
as Grace Stockton
Michael Burns
as Paul Stockton
Jack Albertson
as Jerry Harlowe
Sandy Kenyon
as Henderson
Mary Gregory
as Mrs. Henderson
Larry Gates
as Dr. Stockton
Joseph E. Bernard
as Marty Weiss
Jo Helton
as Mrs. Harlowe
Moria Turner
as Mrs. Weiss
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