The Twilight Zone (1985 - 1989)




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The eerie anthology series (1959-1964) created by Rod Serling returns with new episodes.

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1988, CBS, 30 episodes

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1986, CBS, 11 episodes

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1985, CBS, 24 episodes


James Whitmore Jr.
as Dennis Wells
Andrew Robinson
as President Kennedy
Nan Martin
as Sister Agnes
Murphy Dunne
as Uncle Devil
Guy Boyd
as Ritchie
Richard Libertini
as Man on Beach
Cedric Smith
as Dr. James St. Clair
Leslie Yeo
as Dr. Maddox
as Clerk
Gerrit Graham
as Griffin St. George
Ted Shackelford
as Father Mark
Adolph Caesar
as Supervisor
Norman Fell
as Eddie O'Hara
Frances Hyland
as Laurel Kincaid
Page Fletcher
as Guillaume
David Naughton
as John Selig
Robin Ward
as Narrator
Jeffrey Tambor
as Stephen Montgomery
Joshua Shelley
as Herman Gold
Maria Ricossa
as Brian's Mother
Louis Giambalvo
as Livingston
Tom O'Brien
as Mickey Shanessy
Martin Landau
as William Cooper-Janes
John De Lancie
as The Executive
Harry Morgan
as Edgar Witherspoon
Linda Kelsey
as Valerie
Ben Cross
as Frederick
Anne Haney
as Mary Ross
Jeff Yagher
as Elvis Impersonator
Kenneth Mars
as Tooth Fairy
Cork Hubbert
as Leprechaun
Nike Doukas
as Heather
Tim Russ
as Archer
Bennett Ohta
as Mr. Lee
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 27, 1985
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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