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The X-Files

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Though it may not make many new believers, The X-Files' return to business as usual is a refreshing upgrade from the show's underwhelming previous outing.



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Air date: Jan 3, 2018
Air date: Jan 10, 2018
Air date: Jan 17, 2018
Air date: Jan 24, 2018
Air date: Jan 31, 2018
Air date: Feb 7, 2018
Air date: Feb 28, 2018
Air date: Mar 7, 2018
Air date: Mar 14, 2018
Air date: Mar 21, 2018

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David Duchovny
as Fox Mulder
Gillian Anderson
as Dana Scully
Mitch Pileggi
as Walter Skinner
William B. Davis
as Cigarette Smoking Man
Barbara Hershey
as Erika Price
Miles Robbins
as Jackson Van De Kamp
Annabeth Gish
as Monica Reyes
Sarah Jeffery
as Brianna Stapleton
Karin Konoval
as Little Judy Poundstone/Little Chucky Poundstone
Brian Huskey
as Reggie Something
Fiona Vroom
as Barbara Beaumont/Sitcom Barbara
Dean Haglund
as Richard 'Ringo' Langly
Alex Carter
as Chief Strong
Madeleine Arthur
as Sarah Arthur
Erin Chambers
as Anna Strong
Ben Wilkinson
as Dean Cavalier
Cory Rempel
as Young Walter Skinner
Jere Burns
as Dr. Randolph Luvenis
Jared Ager-Foster
as Arkie Seavers
Andrew Roshkov
as Commander Al
Jared Ager-Foster
as Arkie Seavers
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Officer Eggers
Chris Owen
as Jeffrey Spender
Carlena Britch
as Juliet 'La Avispa' Bocanegra
Dejan Loyola
as Agent Colquitt
Bill Dow
as Pangborn
Micaela Aquilera
as Olivia Bocanegra
Brendan Patrick Connor
as Sherriff Mac Stenzler
Roger R. Cross
as Officer Wentworth
Lossen Chambers
as Nurse Peggy Easton
Joel McHale
as Tad O'Malley
Justin Louis
as Detective Costa
Fabiloa Colmenero
as Josephine Bocanegra
Alison Araya
as Nurse Vickie Easton
Ken Godmere
as Melvin Peter
Denise Dowse
as Dr. Babsi Russel
Robbie Amell
as Agent Miller
Sharon Taylor
as Diana Eggers
Aidan Kahn
as Agent Colquitt
Lauren Ambrose
as Agent Einstein
Albert Nicholas
as Agent Bill Bludworth
Anjali Jay
as Dr. Joyet
Sean Campbell
as Officer Sean
Emma Oliver
as Emily Strong
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Critic Reviews for The X-Files Season 11

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Certainly if you are among those of us who will never stop wanting to believe, more time with our beloved alien chasers as they trade barbs while battling beasties is always cause for celebration.

Jan 26, 2018 | Full Review…

Season 11 so far isn't flawless, but it's a lively, character-focused affair that feels far more unified than we'd ever anticipated, a massive improvement over Season 10 that gives us genuine hope for the second half.

Dec 15, 2017 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…

True believers who have devoured most if not all of the 208 previous episodes likely will find it thrilling simply to be strung along anew.

Jan 3, 2018 | Rating: B- | Full Review…
Top Critic

After a ragged start, X gets down to business, and the result is mostly pleasurable.

Dec 29, 2017 | Full Review…
Top Critic

As brilliant as Dana Scully was, and as badly as young women needed her, she remained frustratingly beyond the grasp of the men who wrote her.

Aug 18, 2019 | Rating: D | Full Review…

it seems that this time they are not in a hurry, and that at some point they have breathed, reflected on what they want to offer the public. [Full Review in Spanish]

Aug 1, 2019 | Full Review…

This season, the series, which turns 25 in September, rolls out current news images - North Korea and President Trump, among them - to remind us of those dangers. Still, it doesn't let that overpower the basic appeal of the show.

Dec 27, 2018 | Full Review…

Early episodes seem stronger this time around with some added timeliness - Russians infiltrating the U.S. government! - and a major mythology reveal in the first episode back.

Dec 27, 2018 | Full Review…

Based on five episodes made available for preview, things remain uneven -- the first episode is dragged down by more conspiracy blather, interminable voiceover and way too many apocalyptic predictions of doom.

Dec 27, 2018 | Full Review…

Fortunately, the follow-up season is a vast improvement.

Aug 15, 2018 | Rating: 8/10 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The X-Files: Season 11

  • Jun 18, 2018
    The X-Files gets back on track in a limited 10-episode eleventh season. Retconning the Season 10 finale as a vision, Mulder and Scully get back to work investigating paranormal cases involving doppelgangers, mind control drugs, and witchcraft. Still, there are a couple of mythology episodes about Mulder and Scully searching for their son William; believing that he's the key to stopping the apocalyptic plague from Scully's vision. Both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson give strong performances, and there are some interesting guest stars, including Barbara Hershey and Haley Joel Osment. However, Duchovny and Anderson's age is showing and the show isn't as vibrant as it once was (recycling ideas from previous episodes). Season 11 may be the end of The X-Files (at least this iteration of it), and if so it serves as a fitting coda for the series (though not a particularly strong one).
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 18, 2019
    Several quality episodes and overall great season. Can only hope that they make another season
  • Mar 11, 2019
    This is one of the best shows of all history. Cannot recommend it enough!
  • Jun 23, 2018
    X files fan forever in a most unconditional positive regard sense
  • Apr 10, 2018
    It has a couple o good episodes
  • Mar 26, 2018
    Better than season 10. Momentarily it managed to recapture the atmosphere and style of the 90ies' episodes - especially in "Plus One", "familiar" and "nothing Lasts Forever". I liked most episodes, but found that some seemed rushed and fast paced, and elements of the mythology storyline and the character devlopment needed more attention. But I understand the challenge; Too little time...
  • Mar 24, 2018
    There was no doubt that the six episode mini-revival (Season 10) of The X-Files was a disappointment pretty much across the board, with reactions ranging from "that was pure and utter trash" to "meh...that was okay" (the latter being the absolute ceiling of approval). In coming back for 10 more episodes here (Season 11), it was clear that the show was going to "take itself more seriously" (no more Mulder line dancing in a honky-tonk bar, for instance). Unfortunately, the only point that s11 ended up proving is that the process behind this show is no longer capable of churning out stories that are even remotely interesting to modern TV viewers. By the end of it all, keen viewers will realize how big big of a money-grab the "modern X-Files" truly is, as it is creatively exhausted. Like I said, though perhaps trying to take itself more seriously than the previous season, S11 does nothing to get the show back on the right track. The conspiracy episodes are no more than retcons upon retcons, and the focus on William is asinine from the get-go. Taking one of the most hated aspects of the show's original run and trying to shoe-horn it into becoming an emotional, major plot point? Yeah, I'm sure that'll work (predictably, it did not). The stand-alone or "monster of the week" episodes are no better, as it becomes so very clear that shows like, say, "Black Mirror", now run laps around Chris Carter & Co. in telling stories about technology (which this season oddly focuses on quite a bit). Whereas this show was once on the cutting edge of storytelling back in the late 1990s, it has now fallen so far behind as to really not even be in the race anymore. Truth be told, the only good episode of this entire season ("The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat") was the one penned by Darin Morgan (the show's comedy writer). The reason why it stands out? Because Morgan is the only one who seems to realize how farcical this has all become now, and his episodes are able to point that out. He's the only one who really "gets" what is happening here, and his comedy episodes are able to exploit that. Not even the acting here is above believable standards. This problem is much clearer to articulate, as it falls into the pattern of a few other TV/cinema that let the same thing happen: On shows that are very serious and need to be played straight, you can't have the actors clearly be "in on the joke". When Adam West's Batman starts making jokes at his own expense, that series went from phenomenon to cancelled in two years time. When Spielberg & Lucas brought back Indiana Jones in "Crystal Skull", but made him the comic relief instead of the straight man, it just didn't work. The exact same thing happens here. Yes, the X-Files could be a funny and witty show if it wanted to be, but it only really works if the leads play it pretty straight. We really need to see Mulder's aching passion to find his sister and expose conspiracies, or Scully's determination to inject some rationality into Mulder's theories. If all their interactions are goofy and tongue-in-cheek, however, much of that subtext is lost. One thing I read in another review of this season was that it has become "too much of a chore to really care one way or another anymore" about this show, and I couldn't agree more on that front. Whereas S10 had me up in arms, this time around it was so mundane as to be a bit numbing. I watched every episode, but none of them affected me in anything approaching a meaningful way. At the end of the day, this is just sad, as it has taken what was an iconic show in the history of TV drama and turned it into a punchline. Nothing can ever take the shine off the first six seasons (and to a lesser extent 7-9), but by the same token all these hollow efforts from S10 & S11 must be reckoned with as well in summing up the show. I never like to say "never" when deciding to abandon a show, but if this brand of X-Files were to return again I think I'd have a really difficult time buying in at any level. Perhaps with new leadership and a new vision something could rise from the rubble, but as it stands the franchise is as creatively bankrupt as one can be.
  • Mar 22, 2018
    Season 11 was outstanding.Every episodes dealing with a new fascinating topic,many of which taking a swipe at life today, i.e. trial by social media and revenge of the robots. It kept me on the edge of my seat and i love the way it will have you laughing one minute and almost crying the next.Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny have a unique down to earth chemistry which shines through in every episode. Its a real shame she has decided not to do anymore. The end of the series 11 (let not hope its the complete end) ties up many lose ends and I was pleased to see it ended on a happy note. All in all one of the best TV shows for years, well written, outstanding performances and captivating.
  • Mar 21, 2018
    I hate how this is all caps. It doesn't let me use lower-caps. Season 11: It has Hits and misses. Let's start with performance of Gillian and David. I felt Gillian's performance lacked. I miss her old self. I also can't stand the hair. It's like the worse color I can think of. I thought David's performance was great and he hit it out of the park. It was like seeing the old Mulder. So Awesome job. My Struggle III- Really? It's not Mulder's baby, but that's how we see him. We waited years for William/Scully/Mulder reunion and this is what we get, 5 mins air time. The cliffhanger didn't even fit into this episode. This episode seemed like it was rushed. Rest of the season was good. I hope Struggle IV is better than the other 3. I'm going to miss the show when It leaves and I'm def thankful for the epi that came.
  • Mar 16, 2018
    This has to be the worst season ever! With all of the hype in the previews, 8 out of 9 episodes so far have been tripe. And now we are expected to "glorify" in the remaining episode with a meatless bone thrown in to look forward to a season 12? Best to forget this season as a complete waste of time and talent.

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