Young Hercules (1998 - 1999)

Young Hercules

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Release Date: 1998

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Prequel tales of the strongman, produced by the team behind `Hercules' and `Xena: Warrior Princess' with the same tongue-in-cheek sensibility.

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1998, FOX, 50 episodes


Ryan Gosling
as Hercules
Dean O'Gorman
as Iolaus
Nathaniel Lees
as Cheiron
Joel Tobeck
as Strife
Duncan Ross
as Fiducius
Jason Hoyte
as Hephaestus
Stephen Tozer
as Ophistus
David Baxter
as Priest of Apollo
Amber Sainsbury
as Golden Hind/Helene
Daniel Meade
as Melotheum
Norman Fairley
as Male Traveler
Paul Norell
as Buterus
Verne Troyer
as Baby Ruff
John Bach
as Aegeus/Zeus
Alistair Browning
as Real Skouras
Michael Langley
as Little Boy
Rachel Gilchrist
as Nymph No. 2
Patrick Wilson
as Hunter No. 1
Megan Alatini
as Nymph No. 3
Phoebe Falconer
as Princess Dido
Stuart Devenie
as Fake Skouras
Vivian Bryant
as Penelope
Ross Campbell
as Chariot Driver
Mark Newnham
as Big Ruff
Pete Mason
as Customer No. 1
Danny Lineham
as Merchant
Peter Tait
as Marceb
Stephen Hall
as Hunter No. 2
Ray Woolf
as Barker
Margaret-Mary Hollins
as Real Erytheia
Jay Saussey
as Lupreea's Assistant
Irene Wood
as Pemphredo
Noel Trevarthen
as King Aeson
Janine Burchett
as Fake Erytheia
John Watson
as Merchant
Yvonne Lawley
as Elderly Woman
John Manning
as Farmer No. 1
Pio Terei
as Don Corleonus
Jason Lees
as Eager Cadet
Suzanne Lee
as Lady Yeta
Chris Baly
as Spartan Envoy
Tony Billy
as Shepherd
Asa Lindh
as Nymph No. 1
Andre Kovachevitch
as Hunter No. 3
James Gaylyn
as Theban Envoy
Sarah Leo
as Corinth Girl No. 1
Mark Williams
as Bearer No. 1
John Stubbs
as Customer No. 4
Rodney Cooke
as Thug No. 2
Cameron Smith
as Cadet No. 2
Damian Nixey
as Cadet No. 3
Sacha Handsaker-Cath
as Customer No. 5
Susan Fleming
as Amazon Scout
Jonathan Brugh
as Lute Player
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TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Sep 12, 1998
Genre: Action & Adventure
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