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Gregg Toland

Highest Rated: 100% History Is Made at Night (1937)

Lowest Rated: 80% Roman Scandals (1933)

Birthday: May 29, 1904

Birthplace: Charleston, Illinois, USA

During the deeply entrenched days of the Hollywood studio system, cinematographer Gregg Toland's technical and visual innovations set him apart from the flock of doctrinaire technicians and engineers embedded in the formulaic studio factories. He was that rarity among technicians--a cinematographer eager to accept technological advances and apply them creatively to the narrative film form. Toland's talent was readily accepted by the Hollywood establishment, who graced him with a charmed life amid the workmanlike atmosphere pervading most studio productions. Contracted throughout his career to Samuel Goldwyn (although he was lent to other producers), Toland was permitted more freedom than most cinematographers of his time, from being allowed his choice of crew and story properties to converting studio cameras to his own specifications. Working with such outstanding directors as Howard Hawks, William Wyler, John Ford and Orson Welles, Toland was in the unique position of incorporating technological innovations into equally innovative narrative frameworks.




No Score Yet 74% Enchantment Cinematographer - 1948
84% 81% The Bishop's Wife Cinematographer - 1947
97% 93% The Best Years of Our Lives Cinematographer - 1946
No Score Yet 71% December 7th Director - 1943
99% 90% Citizen Kane Cinematographer $977.3K 1941
No Score Yet 80% The Little Foxes Cinematographer - 1941
100% 76% The Westerner Cinematographer - 1940
100% 70% The Long Voyage Home Cinematographer - 1940
100% 88% The Grapes of Wrath Cinematographer - 1940
No Score Yet 14% The Goldwyn Follies Cinematographer - 1938
No Score Yet 68% The Cowboy and the Lady Cinematographer - 1938
100% 84% History Is Made at Night Cinematographer - 1937
91% 76% Dead End Cinematographer - 1937
No Score Yet 40% Beloved Enemy Cinematographer - 1936
100% 77% These Three Cinematographer - 1936
91% 64% Come and Get It Cinematographer - 1936
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Wedding Night Cinematographer - 1935
80% 62% Roman Scandals Cinematographer - 1933
No Score Yet 86% The Kid From Spain Cinematographer - 1932
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Tenderfoot Cinematographer - 1932
No Score Yet No Score Yet Palmy Days Cinematographer - 1931
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tonight or Never Cinematographer - 1931
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Unholy Garden Cinematographer - 1931
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Devil to Pay Cinematographer - 1930


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