Andrew Bujalski

Andrew Bujalski

Highest Rated: 91% Support the Girls (2018)

Lowest Rated: 59% Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007)

Birthday: Apr 29, 1977

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Being born in Boston to two business-minded parents likely guided Andrew Bujalski's career as an innovator and creator. With his interest in the artistry of film, he wound up having the opportunity to study at Harvard. Right as his college career was wrapping up, he shot his first film "Funny Ha Ha" (2002). Starring mostly artist friends of Bujalski's, "Funny Ha Ha" kicked off an entire movement in cinema, leading to Bujalski's title as the "Godfather of Mumblecore." While his early work was critically acclaimed, it took time before he was able to get theatrical distribution. It wasn't until three years after the film festival debut of "Funny Ha Ha" that it received any kind of wider release. His career was essentially on hold until after that was accomplished. His next film, "Mutual Appreciation" (2005), carried on the idea of mumblecore and once again starred non-traditional actors, including a member of the indie rock band Bishop Allen. This time, Bujalski himself co-starred as well. His acting career continued when he appeared in fellow mumblecore filmmaker Joe Swanberg's third film, the Greta Gerwig-starring "Hannah Takes the Stairs" (2007). That same year, he wrote and directed a short film entitled "Peoples House" (2007). His next feature-length film came with "Beeswax" (2009), which told the story of two twin sisters, played by actual sisters that were, in Bujalski's style, not accomplished actresses. While still a mumblecore success, "Beeswax" wasn't quite as beloved as Bujalski's previous work. It was a few years before Bujalski returned to Sundance, this time with the black and white film "Computer Chess" (2013), which only featured an eight-page treatment for a script. The cast was made up primarily of actors who were knowledgeable in computers so they could bring the world of '80s computer programming alive in a believable manner. "Computer Chess" was more beloved than "Beeswax" and wound up being nominated for the John Cassavetes Award at the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards. Bujalski's next film, "Results" (2015), found him working primarily with well-known actors, including Cobie Smulders and Guy Pearce. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015.

Highest rated movies

Funny Ha Ha
Mutual Appreciation
Hannah Takes the Stairs




65% 50% Lady and the Tramp Screenwriter - 2019
91% 60% Support the Girls Director,
$128.6K 2018
85% 36% Results Director,
$103.9K 2015
88% 53% Computer Chess Director,
Film Editing
$100.6K 2013
No Score Yet 29% Sorry, Thanks Mason (Character) - 2009
74% 43% Beeswax Director,
Film Editing
$46.5K 2009
No Score Yet 52% Registered Sex Offender Reggie (Character) - 2008
59% 45% Hannah Takes the Stairs Paul (Character) $22.5K 2007
86% 72% Mutual Appreciation Lawrence (Character),
- 2005
88% 64% Funny Ha Ha Mitchell (Character),
- 2003