Anita Mui

Anita Mui

Highest Rated: 84% Drunken Master II (1994)

Lowest Rated: 54% My Father Is a Hero (1995)

Birthday: Oct 10, 1963

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Anita Mui was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. Anita Mui started her acting career landing roles in such films as the comedy "Happy Din Don" (1985) with Michael Hui, the comedy "100 ways to Murder Your Wife" (1986) with Chow Yun-Fat and "The Greatest Lover" (1988). She also appeared in "A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon" (1989) and "Kawashima Yoshiko" (1990). Her film career continued throughout the nineties in productions like "Rouge" (1990), "Gauyat Sandiu Haplui" (1991) and "Hoyat Gwan Tsoi Loi" (1991). She also appeared in "Justice My Foot!" (1992) and "The Heroic Trio" (1993). In her more recent career, she tackled roles in "Executioners" (1994), the Jackie Chan action flick "The Legend of Drunken Master" (1994) and "Rumble in the Bronx" (1995). She also appeared in "Who's The Woman, Who's The Man" (1996) and "Eighteen Springs" (1997). Most recently, Anita Mui acted in "Miracles" (2001).

Highest rated movies

Drunken Master II
Rumble in the Bronx
Heroic Trio 2: Executioners
The Heroic Trio
My Father Is a Hero




No Score Yet 85% July Rhapsody Lam Man-Ching (Character) - 2002
No Score Yet 53% Wu Yen Emperor Qi / Ancestor Huan (Character) - 2001
No Score Yet No Score Yet Let's Sing Along Chu Wai Tak (Character) - 2001
No Score Yet 45% Dance of a Dream Unknown (Character) - 2001
No Score Yet 52% Eighteen Springs Gu Manlu (Character) - 1997
No Score Yet 72% Who's the Woman, Who's the Man Fan Fan (Character) - 1996
54% 68% My Father Is a Hero Inspector Fong (Character) - 1995
80% 65% Rumble in the Bronx Elaine (Character) $32.4M 1995
84% 88% Drunken Master II Wong's Mother (Character) $11.5M 1994
No Score Yet No Score Yet Fight Back to School III Unknown (Character) - 1993
No Score Yet 51% The Mad Monk Goddess of Mercy (Character) - 1993
No Score Yet 17% The Magic Crane Pak Wan-Fai (Character) - 1993
No Score Yet No Score Yet Saviour of the Truth Soul Yiu May-kwan (Character) - 1993
No Score Yet 59% Moon Warriors Hsien (Character) - 1993
80% 46% Heroic Trio 2: Executioners Tung/Wonder Woman/Dorothy (Character) - 1993
No Score Yet 80% Justice, My Foot! Madam Sung (Character) - 1992
80% 66% The Heroic Trio Tung/Wonder Woman (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet 26% Saviour of the Soul Yiu May-kwan (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tong Fong Sam Hop Tung/Wonder Woman/Shadow Fox (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet 78% The Top Bet Mei (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet No Score Yet Au Revoir, Mon Amour Mui Ye (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet 63% Gauyat sandiu haplui (Saviour of the Soul) (Terrible Angel) Unknown (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet 50% The Fortune Code Jone (Character) - 1990
No Score Yet No Score Yet Shanghai Shanghai Mary Sung Chia Pi (Character) - 1990
No Score Yet 53% The Last Princess of Manchuria Yoshiko Kawashima/Kam Bik-Fai (Character) - 1990
60% 75% Miracles Luming Yang (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet 35% A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon Chow Ying Kit (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet 87% Rouge Fleur (Character) - 1988
No Score Yet 40% The Greatest Lover Anita (Character) - 1988
No Score Yet 12% 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife Fang (Character) - 1986
No Score Yet No Score Yet 18 Golden Destroyers Unknown (Character) - 1985
No Score Yet No Score Yet Lucky Diamond Unknown (Character) - 1985
No Score Yet 8% Yuen Fan Anita (Character) - 1984