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Brian Epstein

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Birthday: Sep 19, 1934

Birthplace: Liverpool, England, UK

In 1962, British music store manager Brian Epstein witnessed a concert by a Liverpool group called the Beatles, whom he would soon manage; in doing so, he became a guiding force for what was arguably the most influential rock-n-roll band of the 20th century. Epstein was integral in the group's transformation from leather-clad rockers to the well-groomed, charming quartet who set the world on fire with their music in 1963-64. He also provided financial stability for the band, allowing them to focus on creating what became the most significant song catalog of the rock genre. After hours, Epstein led a troubled personal life due in part to his homosexuality and drug addiction, the latter of which led to his untimely demise from an accidental overdose in 1967. His death signaled a turning point for the Beatles, who would splinter under the weight of personal conflicts just three years after his passing. Yet for a half-decade, Brian Epstein was the key figure in maintaining the livelihood and creativity of the Beatles, whose legacy remained untouched half a century after their astonishing debut.



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