Burt Lancaster

Highest Rated: 100% Local Hero (1983)
Birthday: Nov 2, 1913
Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Rugged, athletic, and handsome, Burt Lancaster enjoyed phenomenal success from his first film, The Killers, to his last, Field of Dreams -- over a career spanning more than four decades. Boasting an impressively wide range, he delivered thoughtful, sensitive performances across a spectrum of genres: from film noir to Westerns to melodrama, he commanded the screen with a presence and power matched by only a handful of stars.Lancaster was born November 2, 1913, in New York City. As a child, he exhibited considerable athletic and acrobatic prowess, and at the age of 17 joined a circus troupe, forming a duo with the diminutive performer Nick Cravat (later to frequently serve as his onscreen sidekick). He eventually joined the army, and, after acting and dancing in a number of armed forces revues, he decided to pursue a dramatic career. Upon hiring an agent, Harold Hecht, Lancaster made his Broadway debut in A Sound of Hunting, a role which led to a contract with Paramount. Because the release of his first picture, Desert Fury, was delayed, he initially came to the attention of audiences in 1946's The Killers, a certified classic of film noir. It remained the genre of choice in several of his subsequent projects, including 1947's Brute Force and I Walk Alone the following year.After starring as Barbara Stanwyck's cheating husband in Sorry, Wrong Number, Lancaster and his manager formed their own production company, Hecht-Lancaster, the first notable star-owned venture of its kind; more were to follow, and they contributed significantly to the ultimate downfall of the old studio system. Its formation was a result of Lancaster's conscious effort to avoid "beefcake" roles, instead seeking projects which spotlighted his versatility as a performer. While the company's first effort, the war melodrama Kiss the Blood Off My Hands, was not a success, they were nonetheless able to secure enough financial backing to break off completely from the mainstream Hollywood system. Still, Lancaster also continued to appear in studio productions. In 1949, he reunited with The Killers director Robert Siodmak at Universal for another excellent noir, Criss Cross, followed by Rope of Sand. He also signed a non-exclusive contract with Warner Bros., where he and Hecht produced 1950's The Flame and the Arrow, a swashbuckler which was his first major box-office success. After producing Ten Tall Men with Hecht, Lancaster starred in the MGM Western Vengeance Valley, followed by the biopic Jim Thorpe -- All American. With Siodmak again directing, he next headlined the 1952 adventure spoof The Crimson Pirate, followed by Daniel Mann's Come Back, Little Sheba opposite Oscar-winner Shirley Booth. A minor effort, South Sea Woman, followed in 1953 before Lancaster starred in the Fred Zinnemann classic From Here to Eternity, earning him a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his performance and, in his beachside rendezvous with co-star Deborah Kerr, creating one of the most indelible images in film history. Another swashbuckler, His Majesty O'Keefe, followed, and under director Robert Aldrich the actor headlined a pair of Westerns, Apache and Vera Cruz. Finally, in 1955, Lancaster realized a long-held dream and helmed his own film, The Kentuckian; reviews were negative, however, and he did not return to the director's chair for another two decades.Again working with Mann, Lancaster co-starred with another Oscar winner, Anna Magnani, in 1955's The Rose Tattoo. Opposite Tony Curtis, he appeared in the 1956 hit Trapeze, and, with Katherine Hepburn, headlined The Rainmaker later that same year. Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, a blockbuster featuring Lancaster as Wyatt Earp, followed, as did the acclaimed The Sweet Smell of Success. With Clark Gable, Lancaster starred in 1958's Run Silent, Run Deep, followed by Separate Tables. For 1960's Elmer Gantry, he won an Academy Award for his superb portrayal of the title character, a disreputable evangelist, and a year later co-starred in


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No Score Yet Take a Giant Step Executive Producer 1959
No Score Yet The Devil's Disciple The Rev. Anthony Anderson 1959
71% Separate Tables John Malcolm 1958
100% Run Silent, Run Deep Lt. Jim Bledsoe 1958
98% Sweet Smell of Success J.J. Hunsecker 1957
82% Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Wyatt Earp 1957
No Score Yet The Rainmaker Bill Starbuck/Bill Smith/Bill Harley/Tornado Johnson 1956
67% Trapeze Mike Ribble 1956
80% The Rose Tattoo Alvaro Mangiacavallo 1955
No Score Yet The Kentuckian Director Elias Wakefield 1955
100% Marty Producer 1955
83% Vera Cruz Producer Joe Erin 1954
75% Apache Massai 1954
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No Score Yet 3 Sailors And A Girl Marine 1953
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100% The Crimson Pirate Capt. Vallo 1952
No Score Yet Ten Tall Men Sgt. Mike Kincaid 1951
No Score Yet Jim Thorpe---All American Jim Thorpe 1951
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No Score Yet Rope of Sand Mike Davis 1949
100% Criss Cross Steve Thompson 1949
No Score Yet Kiss the Blood Off My Hands William Earle 'Bill' Saunders 1948
86% Sorry, Wrong Number Henry Stevenson 1948
No Score Yet All My Sons Chris Keller 1948
No Score Yet I Walk Alone Frankie Madison 1948
No Score Yet Variety Girl Himself 1947
57% Desert Fury (Desert Town) Tom Hanson 1947
91% Brute Force Joe Collins 1947
100% The Killers Ole "Swede" Anderson 1946


No Score Yet Sesame Street
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