Carlo Lizzani

Lowest Rated: 95% Germany, Year Zero (1949)
Birthday: Apr 3, 1922
Birthplace: Not Available
A film critic, Lizzani became a scriptwriter and assistant director after World War II, and worked on such notable films of the late '40s as Roberto Rossellini's Germania Anno Zero (aka Germany Year Zero), Giuseppe De Santis' Riso Amaro (aka Bitter Rice), and Alberto Lattuada's Il Mulino Del Po (aka The Mill on the Po). After helming documentaries, he debuted as a feature director with the admired World War II drama Achtung! Banditi! Respected for his drama Cronache Di Poveri Amanti (aka Chronicle of Poor Lovers), he proved to be a solid director of genre films, notably crime films such as Banditi A Milano (aka The Violent Four) and Crazy Joe. He worked frequently for Italian television in the '80s, returning to films to helm features like Celluloid (1996), which won him a David di Donatello Award for Best Script, and Hotel Meina in 2007. Lizzani died in 2013 at age 91.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Non eravamo solo... Ladri di biciclette - Il neorealismo (The Neorealism: We Were Not Just Bicycles Thieves) Screenwriter Director 2013
No Score Yet Storia DI Vita E DI Malavita: Racket Della Prostituzione Minorile Director 2013
No Score Yet Barbagia Director Screenwriter 2011
No Score Yet Scossa Director 2011
No Score Yet Ritratto di mio padre Actor 2010
No Score Yet Giuseppe De Santis Director 2007
No Score Yet Hotel Meina Director 2007
No Score Yet Celluloide (Celluloid) Director Screenwriter 1995
No Score Yet House of the Yellow Carpet Director 1983
No Score Yet Kleinhoff Hotel Director 1977
No Score Yet Crazy Joe Director 1974
No Score Yet The Last Days of Mussolini Director 1974
No Score Yet Love and Anger Actor Director 1969
No Score Yet Banditi a Milano (The Violent Four) Director Screenwriter Actor 1968
No Score Yet Black Jesus (Seduto alla sua destra) Producer 1968
No Score Yet The Hills Run Red Director 1967
No Score Yet Requiescant (Kill and Pray) Producer Director 1967
No Score Yet Il processo di Verona Director 1963
No Score Yet Duel of Champions Screenwriter 1961
No Score Yet Il Gobbo Director 1961
No Score Yet Behind the Great Wall Director 1959
No Score Yet Chronicle of Poor Lovers (Cronache di poveri amanti) Director 1954
No Score Yet Attention! Bandits! Director Screenwriter 1951
100% Bitter Rice (Riso amaro) Screenwriter 1949
95% Germany, Year Zero Screenwriter 1949
No Score Yet Outcry (Il sole sorge ancora) Don Camillo 1949


No Score Yet Série noire


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