Conor Carroll

Conor Carroll

Highest Rated: 67% Away We Go (2009)

Lowest Rated: 17% The Perfect Holiday (2007)

Birthday: Dec 23, 1998

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA

Highest Rated Movies



53% Like Sunday, Like Rain Elliot $28.1K 2015
62% Ender's Game Bernard $61.7M 2013
67% Away We Go Taylor $9.5M 2009
60% Phoebe in Wonderland Jeremy 2009
No Score Yet Life in Flight Aaron 2008
17% The Perfect Holiday Kid on Jamal's Lap $5.9M 2007


Petra Arkanian says: I still don't have a clear shot.

Bernard says: We're burning up!

Ender Wiggin says: Bean! On my count accelerate the fighters from the nose of the formation in a continuous stream...

Bean says: Yes sir!

Ender Wiggin says: Like bullets from a rifle, you will clear a visual for Petra! We will drill a hole through the swarm... Petra, you will only get a second.

Petra Arkanian says: That's all I need...

Bernard says: He cheated!

Bean says: Your mom cheated. That's why you look like a plumber.