Dakota Goyo

Dakota Goyo

Highest Rated: 77% Thor (2011)

Lowest Rated: 22% Emotional Arithmetic (2008)

Birthday: Aug 22, 1999

Birthplace: Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



76% Noah Noah (young) $101.2M 2014
No Score Yet Midnight Sun Luke 2014
41% Dark Skies Jesse Barrett $17.5M 2013
74% Rise of the Guardians Jamie Bennett $98.9M 2012
60% Real Steel Max $85.5M 2011
77% Thor Young Thor $181.1M 2011
No Score Yet My Neighbor's Secret Actor 2009
74% Defendor Jack Carter 2009
22% Emotional Arithmetic Actor 2008
No Score Yet Autumn Hearts: A New Beginning Actor 2007


44% Happy Town
Young Tommy 2010


Tooth says: Guys, he's still awake.

Bunnymund says: Sandy, knock him out! [Sandy approaches Jamie ready to punch him]

Jamie Bennett says: Huh?

Bunnymund says: With the dream sand, ya gumby!

Jamie Bennett says: You just made it snow!

Jack Frost says: I know!

Jamie Bennett says: In my room!

Jamie Bennett says: You're real?

Jack Frost says: Yeah! I mean who brings you all the blizzards and the snow days, and do you remember when you went flying on that sled the other day?

Jamie Bennett says: That was you?

Jack Frost says: That was me!

Jamie Bennett says: ...snow?... Jack Frost...

Jamie Bennett says: Snow?... Jack Frost...

Jack Frost says: did you just say?

Jack Frost says: Did you just say?

Jamie Bennett says: Jack Frost?

Jack Frost says: He said it again... you said

Jamie Bennett says: Jack Frost!

Jack Frost says: That's right! B-but that's me! Jack Frost, that's my name! You said my name!... wait ca-can you hear me?

Jack Frost says: C-can you, can you see me? He sees me! H-he sees me!

Jamie Bennett says: You just made it snow!

Jamie Bennett says: [to Pitch] I believe in you. I'm just not afraid of you anymore.

Jamie Bennett says: I believe in FEAR but I am not AFRAID

Jamie Bennett says: Which means I'm not scared of you, Pitch.

Charlie says: How old are you? Nine? Ten?

Max says: I'm eleven.

Charlie says: Okay... are you sure?

Max says: Yes. I'm sure I'm eleven.

Max says: I want you to fight for me!

Max says: Now you're concerned for Aunt Debrah? You sold me for 50 grand!

Max says: People's Champion?.... Sounds good to me.

Max says: I challenge Zeus to a fight!

Max says: Don't worry. Your secret's save with me.

Charlie Kenton says: Will you say something, please? I tried. What do you want from me?

Max says: I want you to fight for me.

Max says: Oh shit, it's Tak Mashido.

Max says: Help!!

Max says: Help!

Max says: Peoples Champion... Sounds good to me

Max says: People's champion? Sounds pretty good to me.

Max says: I'm coming with you, or you're fishing for your keys. (almost dropes his keys down the sewer)

Max says: I'm either coming with you, or you're fishing for your keys in the sewer. [almost dropes his keys down the sewer]

Max says: His name is Atom. Get'em a fight.

Max says: What are we looking for?

Charlie Kenton says: Anything I can use to put a fighting robot together.