Emilio Fernandez

Highest Rated: 100% The Pearl (La perla) (1947)
Birthday: Mar 26, 1903
Birthplace: Hondo, Coahuila, Mexico
Known to his devotees as "El Indio" because of his mixed parentage, Emilio Fernandez was not yet out of his teens when his participation as an officer in Mexico's Huerta rebellion earned him a 20-year prison sentence. Escaping to the United States in 1923, Fernandez worked as a Hollywood extra and bit player, returning to Mexico when granted amnesty in 1934. His directorial career began in 1941 with La Isla de la Pasion. Within a few years he was Mexico's foremost filmmaker specializing in populist dramas, many of them starring his wife, Columba Dominguez. His 1943 film Maria Candelaria won a Cannes Film Festival Grand Prize, while his 1946 adaptation of John Steinbeck's The Pearl, starring his favorite actor Pedro Armendariz and photographed by his longtime collaborator Gabriel Figueroa, earned several additional awards. His fame and prestige did nothing to quench his personal combustibility; notorious in cinematic circles as the only prominent director who ever actually shot a film critic, he later served six months of a four-and-a-half year sentence for manslaughter after killing a farm laborer during an argument. In the '50s Fernandez's prestige declined as the quality of his films slackened and he returned to acting; however, every few years he also directed. In the '60s and '70s he appeared in a number of American films.

Highest Rated Movies



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No Score Yet Las Islas Marias Director 2012
No Score Yet La Bandida Actor 2012
No Score Yet A Paixón de María Soliña Director Screenwriter 2012
No Score Yet Grandes Directores Actor 2004
95% The Pianist the Soup Snatcher $32.6M 2002
No Score Yet El Zorro De Jalisco 2 Actor 1993
33% Pirates Angelito 1986
No Score Yet El Secuestro De Lola Police Chief 1986
No Score Yet Treasure of the Amazon Paco 1985
71% Under the Volcano Diosdado 1984
No Score Yet Observations Under the Volcano Actor 1984
No Score Yet Lola la Trailera Actor 1983
No Score Yet Erotica Director Screenwriter Actor 1979
No Score Yet Lucky Lady `Ybarra' 1975
38% Breakout The Warden 1975
83% Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia El Jefe 1974
No Score Yet Nest of Virgins (el rincón de las vírgenes) Anacleto Morones 1974
85% Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Paco 1973
No Score Yet La Choca Director 1973
94% The Wild Bunch Mapache 1969
No Score Yet El Crepusculo De Un Dios Actor 1968
90% The War Wagon Calito 1967
No Score Yet Un Tipo Dificil De Matar Actor 1967
13% Return of the Seven Lorca 1966
No Score Yet The Appaloosa Lazaro 1966
No Score Yet A Covenant with Death Ignacio 1966
No Score Yet The Reward Sargento Lopez 1965
No Score Yet La Conquista Del Dorado Actor 1965
71% The Night of the Iguana Barkeeper 1964
No Score Yet Paloma herida Actor Director 1963
No Score Yet Los Hermanos del Hierro Actor 1961
No Score Yet Pueblito Screenwriter Director Actor 1961
No Score Yet Una Cita de Amor Director 1958
No Score Yet Reportaje Director 1953
No Score Yet La red (Rosanna) Director 1953
No Score Yet The Torch Director Screenwriter 1950
No Score Yet Víctimas del Pecado Director Screenwriter 1950
No Score Yet A Woman in Love (Enamorada) Screenwriter Director 1949
No Score Yet La Malquerida Director 1949
No Score Yet Salon Mexico (Mujer Mala) Director 1949
No Score Yet Pueblerina Screenwriter Director 1949
No Score Yet Rio Escondido (Hidden River) Director Screenwriter 1948
No Score Yet John Steinbeck's the Pearl Director 1948
100% The Pearl (La perla) Director 1947
No Score Yet Rio Escondido Screenwriter Director 1947
No Score Yet Pepita Jimenez Director 1946
No Score Yet Las Abandonadas Director 1945
No Score Yet Wild Flower (Flor silvestre) Director Rogellio Torres 1945
No Score Yet Maria Candelaria (Xochimilco) Screenwriter Director 1944
No Score Yet Soy Puro Mexicano Director 1943
No Score Yet El Zorro De Jalisco Actor 1940
No Score Yet Los De Abajo Actor 1940
No Score Yet Charro Negro Actor 1940
No Score Yet Almas Rebeldes Actor 1937
No Score Yet Out on the Big Ranch (Allá en el Rancho Grande) Dancer 1936
No Score Yet Celos Actor 1936
No Score Yet Janitzio Actor 1935
No Score Yet The Western Code Indian Joe 1932
No Score Yet Oklahoma Cyclone Panchez Gomez 1930
No Score Yet La sangre enemiga Actor
No Score Yet Cuando Corrio El Alazan Actor


No Score Yet Kung Fu
  • 1973


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