Frank Mancuso Jr.

Frank Mancuso Jr.

Highest Rated: 88% Internal Affairs (1990)

Lowest Rated: 2% Crossover (2006)

Birthday: Oct 9, 1958

Birthplace: Buffalo, New York, USA

Frank Mancuso Jr. is a film and television producer, also the son of Frank Mancuso Sr., the former chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures. Mancuso Jr. has claimed to have gained his producing experience from the ground up, never interested in taking advantage of his father's connections. He began his career in 1980, serving as a location assistant for the epic John Travolta drama "Urban Cowboy," followed by a stint producing several movies from the "Friday the 13th" horror franchise over the course of the '80s, which culminated in his capacity as co-creator and executive producer for the three-season television version of the horror classic. Over the late '80s and into 1990, Mancuso also executive-produced for the action-horror TV series "War of the Worlds." Throughout the '90s, his producing projects varied greatly, from the 1991 Kevin Bacon-Elizabeth Perkins romantic comedy, "He Said, She Said," to the 1999 horror mystery "Stigmata," as well as the first two "Species" sci-fi thriller films; clearly, Mancuso's choices ran the gamut. When he made still more "Species" sequels--this time straight-to-video--mixed in with dramas, a horror film, and an action sport film over the '00s, at least he was continuing his prior pattern of not being consistent. But in 2011, Mancuso turned a content corner by connecting with well-budgeted auteur director Gus Van Sant, joining his heavyweight production team--including Brian Grazer and Ron Howard--to serve as an executive producer for the drama "Restless," starring young Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska.




50% 40% Johnny Frank Garrett's Last Word Producer - 2016
57% 55% Road to Paloma Executive Producer - 2014
38% 48% Restless Executive Producer $163.1K 2011
9% 26% I Know Who Killed Me Producer $7.2M 2007
No Score Yet 14% Species: The Awakening Producer - 2007
2% 59% Crossover Producer $7.0M 2006
25% 64% The Lost City Producer $2.5M 2005
33% 17% Species III Executive Producer - 2004
5% 39% New Best Friend Producer $28.7K 2002
22% 63% Stigmata Producer $50.0M 1999
68% 80% Ronin Producer $41.6M 1998
9% 18% Species II Producer $19.2M 1998
43% 65% Hoodlum Producer $23.5M 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Escape Executive Producer - 1997
18% 23% Fled Producer $17.2M 1996
43% 31% Species Producer $58.7M 1995
4% 31% Cool World Producer $13.7M 1992
31% 34% He Said, She Said Producer $8.7M 1991
41% 33% Body Parts Producer $7.4M 1991
88% 59% Internal Affairs Producer $25.8M 1990
32% 37% Friday the 13th Part VII -- The New Blood Executive Producer $19.1M 1988
50% 69% Permanent Record Producer $1.6M 1988
71% 63% Back to the Beach Producer $12.2M 1987
55% 47% April Fool's Day Producer $11.3M 1986
18% 26% Friday the 13th -- A New Beginning Executive Producer - 1985
19% 51% Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Producer - 1984
No Score Yet 14% The Man Who Wasn't There Producer - 1983
7% 42% Friday the 13th Part 3 Producer - 1982


No Score Yet 100% Friday the 13th: The Series Executive Producer 1987-1990