Gaspar Noé

Gaspar Noé

Highest Rated: 94% Vortex (2021)

Lowest Rated: 17% Destricted (2006)

Birthday: Dec 27, 1963

Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Though he directed only a handful of movies, filmmaker Gaspar Noé achieved maximum impact by creating some of the more dark and disturbing films on either side of the Atlantic. In fact, Noé's films triggered something of a backlash against the director, with critics unabashedly expressing either their adulation or loathing of his work. Noé made his feature debut with the depressing "I Stand Alone" (1998), but it was his unrelenting second film, "Irreversible" (2002), that put him on the map for better or worse. At the film's heart was a graphic, nine-minute rape scene featuring star Monica Bellucci that triggered outrage and many walkouts over its harsh portrayal of such a humiliating act. Never one to back down or apologize, the unassuming Noé shrugged off such criticisms while his movie became a box office hit. Thanks to the success of "Irreversible," he went on to direct his dream project, "Enter the Void" (2009), a dream-like experimental film that once again polarized critics. This time, however, the film was a financial flop. Love him or hate him, Noé was a unique filmmaker capable of eliciting strong visceral reactions to his work, proving with his kinetic style that he offered something new to the medium.



94% No Score Yet Vortex Director - 2021
50% No Score Yet Lux Æterna Director,
- 2019
68% 65% Climax Director,
Film Editor
$813.8K 2018
40% 38% Love Director - 2015
40% 33% 7 Days in Havana Director - 2012
73% 71% Enter the Void Director,
Film Editor
$336.5K 2009
17% 25% Destricted Director - 2006
57% 80% Irreversible Director,
$753.5K 2002
88% 81% I Stand Alone Director,
Film Editor
$54.7K 1998
No Score Yet 86% Tangos: The Exile of Gardel Assistant Director - 1985