Geoffrey Lewis

Geoffrey Lewis

Highest Rated: 100% Smile (1975)

Lowest Rated: 0% Only the Strong (1993)

Birthday: Jul 31, 1935

Birthplace: Not Available

Bucolic American actor Geoffrey Lewis was a stalwart member of the Clint Eastwood stock company. First appearing opposite Eastwood in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) Lewis has gone on to substantial roles in such Eastwood vehicles as Broncho Billy (1980) Any Which Way You Can (1981) and Pink Cadillac (1988). Outside the Eastwood orbit, Lewis kept busy in films ranging from The Great Waldo Pepper (1973) to Lust in the Dust (1985). If you remember the 1980 sitcom Flo, you'll remember Geoffrey Lewis as bartender Earl Tucker; he received a Golden Globe nomination for his work on the show. Lewis continued to work, with supporting roles in movies and guest spots on television shows, through the 2000s. He was the father of actress Juliette Lewis. Geoffrey Lewis died in 2015, at age 79.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Pickin' & Grinnin Actor 2012
No Score Yet Mommy's Little Monster Actor 2011
No Score Yet Bat Shit Crazy Actor 2011
40% The Haunted World of El Superbeasto Lenny 2009
No Score Yet Retreat! Actor 2009
No Score Yet Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage Butch 2008
No Score Yet The Butcher Naylor 2008
No Score Yet Chinaman's Chance (I Am Somebody) Lewis 2008
40% Wicked Little Things Harold 2006
No Score Yet Fingerprints Keeler 2006
No Score Yet Wild Hearts Hank 2006
52% Down in the Valley Sheridan $0.5M 2006
No Score Yet Voodoo Moon Old Man No. 1 2005
54% The Devil's Rejects Roy Sullivan $17M 2005
No Score Yet The Fallen Ones Actor 2005
No Score Yet Formosa Lucky 2005
22% Renegade Sullivan 2004
No Score Yet Plainsong Raymond McPheron 2004
No Score Yet A Painted House Mr. Spruill 2003
7% The New Guy Principal Zaylor $29M 2002
No Score Yet A Light in the Darkness Stanley Melnick 2002
No Score Yet Mind Games Melvin Reeves 2002
45% The Way of the Gun Abner $5.3M 2000
No Score Yet Clint Eastwood: Out of the Shadows Actor 2000
No Score Yet The Dragon Gate Actor 1998
49% Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Luther Driggers 1997
No Score Yet American Perfekt Willy 1997
No Score Yet An Occasional Hell Draper Jewett 1996
No Score Yet Trilogy of Terror II Stubbs 1996
66% Maverick Matthew Wicker 1994
71% White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf Heath 1994
No Score Yet Gambler V: Playing for Keeps Lynch 1994
65% The Man Without a Face Chief Stark 1993
No Score Yet National Lampoon's Last Resort Rex Carver 1993
No Score Yet Joshua Tree (Army of One) Sheriff Cepeda 1993
50% Point of No Return (The Assassin) Drugstore Owner 1993
0% Only the Strong Kerrigan 1993
34% The Lawnmower Man Terry McKeen 1992
32% Double Impact Frank 1991
No Score Yet Matters of the Heart Actor 1990
No Score Yet Gunsmoke: The Last Apache Bodine 1990
No Score Yet Disturbed Michael Kahn 1990
31% Tango & Cash Actor 1989
No Score Yet Catch Me If You Can Mr. Johnson 1989
21% Pink Cadillac Ricky Z 1989
37% Fletch Lives KKK Leader 1989
50% Out of the Dark Dennis 1989
No Score Yet Desperado: The Outlaw Wars Oliver Ostrow 1989
No Score Yet Pancho Barnes Ben Catlin 1988
No Score Yet Dallas: The Early Years Ed Porter 1986
No Score Yet Spot Marks the X Dirty Jerry 1986
No Score Yet Stitches Ralph Rizzo 1985
33% Lust in the Dust Hard Case Williams 1985
77% Night of the Comet Carter 1984
No Score Yet Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. Janus 1983
33% 10 to Midnight Dave Dante 1983
No Score Yet September Gun Actor 1983
No Score Yet The Shadow Riders Major Ashbury 1982
40% I, the Jury Joe Butler 1982
57% Heaven's Gate Trapper 1980
No Score Yet Human Experiments (Beyond the Gate) (Women in Prison) Dr. Kline 1980
83% Tom Horn Walter Stoll 1980
75% Bronco Billy John Arlington 1980
20% Any Which Way You Can Orville 1980
88% Salem's Lot Mike 1979
No Score Yet Tilt Truck Driver 1979
No Score Yet The Jericho Mile Dr. Bill Janowski 1979
37% Every Which Way But Loose Orville 1978
No Score Yet Sella d'argento (They Died with Their Boots On) Doubletten-Snake 1978
No Score Yet When Every Day Was the Fourth of July Actor 1978
No Score Yet The Hunted Lady Actor 1977
60% The Return of a Man Called Horse Zenas 1976
No Score Yet The Great Houdini Actor 1976
No Score Yet The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe Dutton 1976
No Score Yet Lucky Lady Capt. Aaron Mosley 1975
67% The Great Waldo Pepper Newt 1975
63% The Wind and the Lion Gummere 1975
100% Smile Wilson Shears 1975
89% Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Goody 1974
No Score Yet The Gun and the Pulpit Actor 1974
43% Macon County Line Hamp 1974
No Score Yet Shoot the Sun Down Scalphunter 1974
100% My Name Is Nobody (Il mio nome è Nessuno) Leader of the Wild Bunch 1973
96% High Plains Drifter Stacey Bridges 1973
92% Dillinger Harry Pierpont 1973
92% Bad Company Hobbs 1972
No Score Yet Moon of the Wolf Actor 1972
No Score Yet The Culpepper Cattle Co. Russ 1972
No Score Yet Welcome Home, Soldier Boys Francis Rapture 1972


91% House
Homeless Man Old Homeless Man 2007
No Score Yet Criminal Minds
Coroner 2006
No Score Yet Fat Actress
Kirstie's Dad 2005
No Score Yet Las Vegas
Pops 2004
No Score Yet Law & Order: Criminal Intent
No Score Yet Dawson's Creek
Bill 2003
75% Nip/Tuck
Dr. Marcus Grayson 2003
No Score Yet Thieves
Freddy the Fish 2001
No Score Yet Pensacola: Wings of Gold
Wylie Johnson 2000
74% The X-Files
Photographer 1999
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Lester Grinshaw Hank Crenshaw Kenny Oaks Roger Yates 1996
No Score Yet Walker, Texas Ranger
No Score Yet Designing Women
Davis 1987
No Score Yet The Golden Girls
Guest Chuck 1987
No Score Yet MacGyver
Crane 1986
No Score Yet Magnum, P.I.
Gus Zimmer Lloyd DeWitt 1986
No Score Yet Maximum Security
Frank Murphy 1985
No Score Yet The A-Team
Sykes Stoddard 1985
No Score Yet Highway to Heaven
Guest Honest Eddy Barton 1984
No Score Yet Mama's Family
No Score Yet Little House on the Prairie
Cole Sam Galender 1983
95% Mork & Mindy
Tilwick 1978
No Score Yet Laverne & Shirley
Gunther 1977
No Score Yet Starsky & Hutch
Monk 1975
No Score Yet The Streets of San Francisco
Jack Harris 1975
No Score Yet The Waltons
Elwood Dobbs 1974
No Score Yet Kung Fu
Johnson 1973
No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Lafitte 1972
No Score Yet Mission: Impossible
Proctor Kaye Lusk 1972
No Score Yet Bonanza
Rogers 1970
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Drunk 1958


Admiral Chadwick says: DAMN THE LEGATIONS!

Gummere says: You realize, of course, that if we fail in even the slightest way, we'll all be killed?

Admiral Chadwick says: Yes, and the whole world will probably go to war.

Capt. Jerome says: Gentlemen, if we fail and are killed, I certainly hope the world DOES go to war!

Admiral Chadwick says: The world at war!

Gummere says: A world war? Now THAT would be something to go out on...

Mike says: (as a Vampire; in the rocking chair trying to hypnotize Jason) - Loooook at me...Look at me, teacher.

Mike says: (as a Vampire; in the rocking chair trying to hypnotize Jason) Look at me. Look at me, teacher.

Jason Burke says: (holding up a crucifix to vampire Mike) - I revoke my invitation. Get out.

Jason Burke says: (holding up a crucifix to vampire Mike) I revoke my invitation. Get out.

Mike says: You'll sleep with the dead, teacher.

Jason Burke says: What do you remember, Mike?

Mike says: Singing.

Jason Burke says: Singing?

Mike says: Sweetest singing I ever heard...and a feeling like drowning...and eyes...eyes--

Mike says: Sweetest singing I ever heard, and a feeling like drowning, and eyes...eyes.

Jason Burke says: Whose eyes?

Mike says: Bright...scary.

Mike says: Bright, scary.

Ben Mears says: Whose?

Mike says: Don't remember.