Gino Corrado

Gino Corrado

Highest Rated: 100% Road to Rio (1947)

Lowest Rated: 38% Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1938)

Birthday: Feb 9, 1893

Birthplace: Not Available

Enjoying one of the longer careers in Hollywood history, Gino Corrado is today best remembered as a stocky bit-part player whose pencil-thin mustache made him the perfect screen barber, maître d', or hotel clerk, roles he would play in both major and Poverty Row films that ranged from Citizen Kane (1941) and Casablanca (1942) to serials such as The Lost City (1935) and, perhaps his best-remembered performance, the Three Stooges short Micro Phonies (1945; he was the bombastic Signor Spumoni).A graduate of his native College of Strada, Corrado finished his education at St. Bede College in Peru, IL, and entered films with D.W. Griffith in the early 1910s, later claiming to have played bit parts in both Birth of a Nation (1915) and Intolerance (1916). By the mid-1910s, he was essaying the "other man" in scores of melodramas, now billed under the less ethnic-sounding name of Eugene Corey. He became Geno Corrado in the 1920s but would work under his real name in literally hundreds of sound films, a career that lasted well into the 1950s and also included live television appearances. In a case of life imitating art, Corrado reportedly supplemented his income by working as a waiter in between acting assignments.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Living It Up Shoe Salesman 1954
60% Three Coins in the Fountain Butler 1954
85% Harvey Eccentric Man 1950
No Score Yet Dream Girl Chef 1948
No Score Yet I Walk Alone George the Assistant Chef 1948
No Score Yet The Web Waiter 1947
100% Road to Rio Barber 1947
No Score Yet My Wild Irish Rose Maitre 'D 1947
No Score Yet Two Sisters From Boston Ossifish 1946
No Score Yet Saratoga Trunk Diner 1946
No Score Yet Sunset in El Dorado Barfly 1945
No Score Yet A Bell for Adano Zapulla 1945
No Score Yet Shine On, Harvest Moon Cook 1944
No Score Yet Man from Frisco Tony D'Agostino 1944
No Score Yet Mission to Moscow Italian 1943
No Score Yet Clancy Street Boys Head Waiter 1943
No Score Yet Hello, Frisco, Hello Opera Singer 1943
98% Casablanca Waiter 1942
No Score Yet Tales of Manhattan Spectator 1942
No Score Yet I Married an Angel Valet 1942
93% The Talk of the Town Waiter 1942
No Score Yet We Were Dancing Headwaiter in Inn 1942
100% Citizen Kane Gino 1941
No Score Yet That Night in Rio Clerk 1941
80% Kitty Foyle Guest 1940
91% The Mark of Zorro Caballero 1940
80% Dance, Girl, Dance Waiter 1940
94% Foreign Correspondent Italian Waiter 1940
No Score Yet Brother Orchid Artist 1940
No Score Yet New Moon Bondsman 1940
95% Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Barber 1939
No Score Yet Never Say Die Waiter (uncredited) 1939
92% Midnight Taxi Driver 1939
No Score Yet Charlie Chan in City in Darkness Cafe Owner 1939
No Score Yet Algiers Detective 1938
38% Bluebeard's Eighth Wife Waiter Who Carries 1938
No Score Yet Our Gang Follies Of 1938 Opera Singer 1937
No Score Yet Daughter of Shanghai Interpreter 1937
No Score Yet Angel Assistant Hotel Manager 1937
No Score Yet Cafe Metropole Waiter 1937
No Score Yet Swing High, Swing Low Italian 1937
No Score Yet The Big Broadcast of 1937 Violinist 1937
89% Dodsworth American Express Clerk 1936
No Score Yet Born to Fight Maitre d' 1936
No Score Yet The Oregon Trail Forrenza 1936
No Score Yet Rebellion Pablo 1936
No Score Yet Magnificent Obsession Antoine 1935
97% A Night at the Opera Steward 1935
No Score Yet Rendezvous Code Room Clerk 1935
100% Top Hat Hotel Manager 1935
No Score Yet Paradise Canyon Rurale Captain 1935
No Score Yet On Probation Waiter 1935
No Score Yet Enter Madame Waiter 1935
No Score Yet Flirting With Danger Capt. Garcia 1934
80% The Merry Widow Waiter 1934
No Score Yet Lady by Choice Head Waiter 1934
No Score Yet Chained Waiter 1934
No Score Yet He Was Her Man Fisherman 1934
67% Nana Show Spectator/Party Guest 1934
No Score Yet Wonder Bar Waiter 1934
86% Flying Down to Rio Messenger 1933
No Score Yet Picture Snatcher Barber 1933
No Score Yet The Keyhole Waiter 1933
No Score Yet A Notorious Affair Serge 1930
No Score Yet Navy Blues maitre’d 1930
No Score Yet Song of the Caballero Don Jose 1930
No Score Yet Lord Byron Of Broadway Riccardi 1930
100% The Iron Mask Aramis 1929
No Score Yet The Cohens and Kellys in Paris Pierre, Poulette's Husband 1928
98% Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans Actor 1927
No Score Yet La Boheme Marcel 1926
No Score Yet The Coast Patrol Actor 1925
97% Intolerance The Runner 1916


No Score Yet The Three Stooges


Otis B. Driftwood says: Do they allow tipping on the boat?

Steward says: Yes, sir.

Otis B. Driftwood says: Have you got two fives?

Steward says: Yes, sir!

Otis B. Driftwood says: Well, then you won't need the ten cents I was gonna give you.

Capt. Louis Renault says: I'm shocked that there is gambling in this establishment

Capt. Louis Renault says: I'm shocked that there is gambling in this establishment.

Waiter says: Sir here are your winnigs

Waiter says: Sir here are your winnings.