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Helmut Käutner

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  • A student of art history, philology, design and theater at the Munich Art School and Munich University, actor/writer/director Helmut Kaeutner (usually spelled Kautner) launched his career with the Munich Student Cabaret, also known as "Die vier Nachrichter," in 1931. The following year, Kauetner entered films as an actor in Kreuzer Emden. After four years with the Cabaret, he worked as a theatrical actor and director in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He made his film directorial bow with the frothy musical Kitty and the World Conference (1939). His sympathetic portrayal of an English minister and his lightly satirical comments on the relationship between Italy and Germany angered Nazi minister of propaganda Josef Goebbels. As a result, Kauetner was careful to avoid any sort of political commentary in his wartime films, which had the salutary effect of keeping him out of trouble after Germany lost the war. Having previously specialized in Lubitsch-like escapist fare, Kauetner quietly switched gears after 1945, gradually accruing a reputation as a serious "prestige" director. This stylistic change would earn him international acclaim, even while his devotees bemoaned the loss of the director's light touch. In 1954, his The Last Bridge, a stark, realistic war drama, won the International Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. On the strength of Last Bridge, Kaeutner was brought to Hollywood by Universal Pictures; the resulting films were The Restless Years (1958) and Stranger in My Arms (1959). He then returned to Germany, turning out such intriguing films as The Rest is Silence (a 1960 update of Hamlet) before moving into television in 1969. On occasion, Kaeutner would return to acting, most memorably as the title character in Karl May (1974). Helmut Kaeutner was married to actress/director Erica Balque.








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No Score Yet Frau nach Maß Screenwriter Director 2013
No Score Yet Nachts auf den Straßen (The Mistress) Screenwriter 2013
No Score Yet Die Zürcher Verlobung (The Affairs of Julie) Director 2012
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No Score Yet Epilog: Das Geheimnis der Orplid (Epilogue) Director 2011
No Score Yet Große Freiheit Nr. 7 (Great Freedom No. 7) Director 2010
No Score Yet Karl May Karl May 1974
No Score Yet Sky Without Stars (Himmel ohne Sterne) Director 1959
No Score Yet The Rest Is Silence (Der Rest ist Schweigen) Producer Director Screenwriter 1959
No Score Yet Der Hauptmann von Köpenick (The Captain from Köpenick) Director Screenwriter 1958
No Score Yet Monpti Director 1957
No Score Yet The Girl from Flanders Director 1956
No Score Yet Teufels General, Des (The Devil's General) Screenwriter Director 1955
No Score Yet Ludwig II: Glanz und Ende eines Königs Director 1955
No Score Yet In Those Days (In jenen Tagen) Director 1947
No Score Yet Under the Bridges Screenwriter Director 1945
No Score Yet Romance in a Minor Key Director Poet 1943
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