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Isabelle Deluce

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Birthday: Jul 11, 1992

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada



No Score Yet 85% The Ron Clark Story Alita (Character) - 2006


Sara says: Principal Wilkins, do you think we might be able to have your jack-o'- lantern, please?

Steven says: You're not gonna smash it, are you?

Sara says: No, it's a scavenger hunt for UNICEF.

Steven says: Anything for a good cause.

Sara says: That bus is around here somewhere. I think it's over here.

Schrader says: Over where? I can't see shit in this fog. Think I found a dead retard.

Macy says: That's me asshole.

Schrader says: Like I said.

Macy says: Both of you shut up and keep looking.

Schrader says: There's something moving by that rock.

Macy says: I can't see.

Sara says: Jesus, what is that? HELP ME!!!

Sara says: Jesus, what is that? Help me!

Sara says: You are so full of sh*t.

Macy says: Then I guess you won't mind being first!

Sara says: First what?

Macy says: Eight jack-o-lanterns, eight victims. So we're gonna place these jack-o-lanterns down by the lake as an offering to those who died.