Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig

Highest Rated: 74% The Horse Whisperer (1998)

Lowest Rated: 7% Prom Night (2008)

Birthday: Not Available

Birthplace: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Montreal native Jessalyn Gilsig began her acting career at age 12 doing voice-over work, and went on to study acting at Harvard's American Repertory Theater. She appeared in several off-Broadway productions and landed bit parts in big movies, such as Jacknife with Robert De Niro and The Horse Whisperer with Robert Redford, but TV was where she found the most success. In the late 1990s, she appeared on Viper, Seven Days, and The Practice, where she met David E. Kelley. He then cast her as Paula Marshall's replacement on Snoops, but the show was cancelled before Gilsig's episodes aired. But that misfire led Kelley to create the role of social studies teacher Lauren Davis on Boston Public specifically for her. Later, Gilsig met another influential producer, Ryan Murphy, who cast her as sexaholic Gina Russo on Nip/Tuck, and later as conniving Terri Schuester on Glee. Her other notable TV appearances include recurring roles on NYPD Blue, Prison Break, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, and Vikings. When Gilsig isn't working, she enjoys painting; several of her artworks appeared in the 2003 indie film The Station Agent.


Highest Rated Movies



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No Score Yet Angels and Ornaments Corrine 2014
56% Somewhere Slow Producer Anna Thompson 2014
No Score Yet Smart Cookies Julie Sterling 2012
No Score Yet About Fifty Jessica 2011
11% The Stepfather Julie King $29.1M 2009
7% Prom Night Aunt Karen Turner $43.9M 2008
No Score Yet Flood Sam 2007
No Score Yet Destination: Infestation (Swarm) (Ants on a Plane) Actor 2007
No Score Yet See This Movie Annie Nicole 2006
No Score Yet Chicks with Sticks (Hockey Mom) (Anyone's Game) Paula Taymore 2005
No Score Yet A Cooler Climate Callie 1999
35% Quest For Camelot Kayley 1998
74% The Horse Whisperer Lucy 1998
64% Jacknife Corridor Student's Girlfriend 1989


93% Vikings
Siggy 2020
93% Scandal
Vanessa 2017
94% The Good Wife
Janie 2013
71% Glee
Terri Scheuster Terri Schuester Terri 2013
No Score Yet Vikings#DEL
No Score Yet The Bonnie Hunt Show
Guest 2010
55% Heroes
Meredith Gordon 2010
No Score Yet CSI: NY
Jordan Gates 2008
97% Friday Night Lights
Shelley 2008
60% Prison Break
Lisa 2008
75% Nip/Tuck
Gina Russo 2008
84% NYPD Blue
Det. Kelly Ronson 2004
No Score Yet Without a Trace
Whitney 2003
No Score Yet Boston Public
Lauren Davis 2002
No Score Yet The Practice
Jennifer Liner A.D.A. Jennifer Liner 1999
No Score Yet Viper


Kayley says: But mother Excalibur's been stolen I must go after it!

Juliana says: That is a job for the Knights not a young girl!

Kayley says: But I want to be a knight, slay dragons, recusing Damsels in distress, what is a Damsel in distress anyway?

Juliana says: Now Kayley settle down and try on your new dress!

Kayley says: But mother I don't want a new dress I want to save Camelot! If you just let me I know I could find Excalibur all on my own!

Juliana says: The Knights will find the sword and they'll do it by working together!

Kayley says: While I'm 'stuck' working here, taking care of the farm collecting the eggs boring! where's the glory in that?!

Juliana says: Kayley one day you'll learn what Camelot means until then you'll stay here with me!

Kayley says: Oh all right! (runs up to her room)

Kayley says: Oh all right! [runs up to her room]

Juliana says: (Looks up at a family portrait zeroing in on Lionel's face) What would you do?

Juliana says: [looks up at a family portrait zeroing in on Lionel's face] What would you do?

Kayley says: Father do you really have to go?

Lionel says: I'm afraid I must Kayley you know the King's Knights will be here soon.

Kayley says: Tell me again why you became a Knight

Juliana says: Kayley! You've heard it a thousand times!

Lionel says: Oh but it's find dear. Well my daughter before you were born the land was dark and treacherous. The people stood divided brother fighting brother. The one hope for peace was in the legendary sword Excalibur. For it was said whoever could pull this ancient sword from it's stone would become king and unite the people. Many tried all failed. Then on the very day that you were born a unknown hero stepped forth. His name was Arthur, and he was that true king. With Excalibur at his side he led us out of the darkness. And together we built the greatest kingdom on earth. Everyone rejoiced.

Kayley says: Camelot!

Lionel says: (Holding up his shield) And so these three rings represent the unity of our kingdom. As a Knight I took a oath. To protect, Camelot, King Arthur, and Excalibur.

Kayley says: The Knights are here!

Lionel says: I must go now Kayley the King has called his Knights for a special day in Camelot

Kayley says: I'm coming with you Daddy!

Lionel says: Yes when you're old enough Kayley. I will take you to Camelot I promise! I love, you!

Kayley says: One day I will be a Knight, like Father.

Kayley says: Hey, your falcon has silver wings!

Garrett says: *Really?* I'll have to take your word for it.

Kayley says: Oh, no. I'm sorry, it just means he knows where Excalibur is!

Garrett says: Sure he does, it's in Camelot. You know, big castle, lots of flags...

Kayley says: No it's somewhere in the forest, Ruber has stolen it and taken my mother hostage, I must find the sword and return it to Arthur or Camelot and my mother are doomed!

Garrett says: (Listening to Ayden) Excalibur "is' here? Right we're going after it!

Garrett says: [listening to Ayden] Excalibur 'is' here? Right we're going after it!

Kayley says: Great!

Garrett says: Not you! Me and Ayden we work alone!

Kayley says: Well I see no reason why I can't come along! I stand alone too, I'm just asking for your help this once.

Garrett says: All right but don't give me any trouble!

Kayley says: That was incredible! How you fought those creatures how you got rid of that that thing! You're amazing you're not even listening to me!

Garrett says: Great it took me two weeks to make this net!

Kayley says: Your net, you 'saved' my life thank you!

Garrett says: Well anyone can make a mistake.

Kayley says: Oh I get it this is were King Arthur sends his unfunny jesters right?

Garrett says: Now I will thank you!

Kayley says: For what?

Garrett says: For reminding me why I'm a hermit good day!

Kayley says: Wait what's your name?

Garrett says: It's Garret.

Kayley says: I'm Kayley, Garret why won't you look at me when I'm talking to you? Oh I didn't realize you were-

Garrett says: What? Tall? Rugged? Handsome?

Kayley says: Blind

Garrett says: You know I 'always' forget that one!

Kayley says: Are you *sure* this is dragon country? I mean, shouldn't there be a sign or something? It could say, 'Welcome to Dragon Country.'... You don't think we'll *see* any... do you?... Is a group of dragons a pack or a flock? Is it a gaggle or a pride? Is it a herd?

Garrett says: Quiet.

Kayley says: Do you hear something?

Garrett says: No, I just want you to be quiet.