Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley

Highest Rated: 91% James and the Giant Peach (1996)

Lowest Rated: 8% Doogal (2006)

Birthday: May 1, 1946

Birthplace: Srinagar, Kashmir, India

The daughter of a high-born British military major, actress Joanna Lumley was a model before entering films with 1968's Some Girls Do. In 1976, she took on the Diana Rigg-like female lead on the British TV action series The New Avengers, costarring Patrick MacNee of the old Avengers. Joanna also costarred in two of Blake Edwards' Pink Panther movies of the '80s. Thoroughly jettisoning her previous cool-glamour image, Joanna Lumley costarred with Jennifer Saunders in the 1993 British TV sitcom Absolutely Fabulous as a pair of boozing, bawdy functionaries in the '90s fashion world (the series was picked up by the American cable network Comedy Central in 1994). So popular was Ms. Lumley's characterization of potty-mouthed, cheap-thrill-seeking Patsy that, shortly after the premiere of Absolutely Fabulous, she was being imitated in TV commercials by comic actor John Cleese!On the big screen she appeared in Cold Comfort Farm, James and the Giant Peach, and The Cat's Meow before returning to her signature role as Patsy Stone for another run of Absolutely Fabulous in 2001. After that she could be seen in Eurotrip, and provided voiceover work in both Doogal and Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. She starred in the series Clatterford, and had a prominent part in the 2011 project Late Bloomers.

Highest Rated Movies



68% Finding Your Feet Jackie 2018
18% Absolutely Anything Fenella $0.7M 2017
No Score Yet Andorra Mrs. Quay 2017
58% Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Patsy Stone $4.8M 2016
56% Me Before You Mary Rawlinson $56.3M 2016
44% She's Funny That Way Vivian Claremont 2015
No Score Yet The Making Of A Lady Lady Maria Byrne 2014
79% The Wolf of Wall Street Aunt Emma $91.4M 2013
40% Late Bloomers Charlotte 2012
No Score Yet The Man Who Shot The 60s Actor 2012
33% Boogie Woogie Alfreda Rhinegold 2010
25% Animals United (Konferenz der Tiere) Actor $0.6M 2010
No Score Yet Girl Friday Actor 2007
8% Doogal Ermintrude (UK) $7.4M 2006
84% Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Maudeline Everglot $53.4M 2005
60% The Magic Roundabout (Doogal) Actor 2005
50% Ella Enchanted Dame Olga $22.9M 2004
47% Eurotrip Hostel Clerk $17.8M 2003
75% The Cat's Meow Elinor Glyn $3.2M 2001
50% Maybe Baby Sheila 2000
No Score Yet Whispers: An Elephant's Tale Half Tusk 2000
No Score Yet Mad Cows Gillian 1999
No Score Yet Parting Shots Fred 1999
No Score Yet Nancherrow Actor 1999
No Score Yet Comic Relief: Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death Actor 1999
No Score Yet The Tale of Sweeney Todd Mrs. Lovett 1998
No Score Yet Coming Home Actor 1998
No Score Yet A Rather English Marriage Lizzie Franks 1998
No Score Yet Prince Valiant Morgan Le Fey 1997
83% Cold Comfort Farm Mrs. Smiling 1996
91% James and the Giant Peach Aunt Spiker 1996
No Score Yet How To Be Absolutely Fabulous Actor 1996
No Score Yet Forgotten Toys Actor 1996
No Score Yet Innocent Lies Lady Helena Graves 1995
No Score Yet Class Act Actor 1994
No Score Yet A Ghost in Monte Carlo Actor 1990
71% Shirley Valentine Marjorie 1989
No Score Yet The Glory Boys Director Helen 1984
No Score Yet Mistral's Daughter Actor 1984
No Score Yet Mistral's Daughters Lally Longbridge 1984
29% Curse of the Pink Panther Countess Chandra 1983
No Score Yet The Weather in the Streets Kate 1983
23% Trail of the Pink Panther Marie Jouvet 1982
20% The Satanic Rites of Dracula Actor 1974
No Score Yet Don't Just Lie There, Say Something! Miss Parkyn 1973
No Score Yet Dracula: The Satanic Rites Jessica 1973
85% The House That Dripped Blood Actor 1971
No Score Yet Tam Lin Georgia 1971
No Score Yet The Breaking of Bumbo Actor 1970
82% On Her Majesty's Secret Service English Girl 1969
No Score Yet Some Girls Do Actor 1969


No Score Yet Joanna Lumley's Silk Road Adventure
Guest 2018
No Score Yet The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2018
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2016
No Score Yet Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
Guest 2016
No Score Yet The Graham Norton Show
Guest 2016
96% Absolutely Fabulous
Patsy Stone 2013
No Score Yet Inspector Lewis
Esme Ford 2010
No Score Yet Top Gear
Guest 2010
No Score Yet Masterpiece
Esme Ford Liz 2010
No Score Yet Miss Marple
No Score Yet Mystery!
Dolly Bantry 2005
76% Roseanne
Patsy 1996
No Score Yet Are You Being Served?
Miss French German Lady
No Score Yet The Michael McIntyre Chat Show


Victoria Everglot says: Oh, Hildegarde, what if....what if Victor and I don' each other?

Maudeline Everglot says: Ha! As if that has anything to do with marriage. Do you suppose your father and I "like" each other?

Victoria Everglot says: Surely you must, a little....

Maudeline Everglot says: Of course not!

Finis Everglot says: Of course not!

Maudeline Everglot says: Get those corsets laced properly. I can hear you speak without gasping.

Finis Everglot says: Marvelous news, Victoria, there'll be a wedding after all.

Victoria Everglot says: You found him?

Maudeline Everglot says: Make haste, my dear, our relatives will arrive at any moment. We must have you looking presentable for Lord Barkis.

Victoria Everglot says: Lord Barkis?

Maudeline Everglot says: He will make a fine husband.

Finis Everglot says: Aye. A fortuitous turn of events indeed.

Maudeline Everglot says: A far better prospect this time.

Victoria Everglot says: But I do not love him. You cannot make me do this!

Finis Everglot says: We must.

Victoria Everglot says: Please, I beg of you! There must be another way!

Finis Everglot says: Without your marriage to Lord Barkis, we shall be forced penniless into the street. We are destitute.

Victoria Everglot says: But...Victor....

Maudeline Everglot says: Victor Van Dort is gone, child.

Finis Everglot says: You shall marry Lord Barkis tomorrow. *with Maudeline* According to plan!