Jody Savin

Jody Savin

Highest Rated: 48% Bottle Shock (2008)

Lowest Rated: 7% CBGB (2013)

Birthday: Jul 22, 1960

Birthplace: Not Available

Jody Savin was an American producer and writer of independent films whose works included "Bottle Shock" (2008) and "CBGB" (2013). Before she began her career as a producer and writer, Savin first worked in the entertainment industry as a musical director for the long-running daytime soap opera, "As the World Turns" (CBS, 1956-2010). For three consecutive years from 1985 until 1987, she received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series. One her first forays as a writer was for the straight-to-video movie, "Witchcraft" (1988). In 1995, she was the co-producer of the comedy movie "Houseguest," which starred stand-up comic Sinbad and former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Phil Hartman; the film was directed by Savin's future husband Randall Miller, who would become a frequent collaborator of Savin, who often wrote and produced their films. As independent filmmakers, Savin and Miller resorted to unconventional means to release their movies. Their 2008 film "Bottle Shock," a film based on the famed 1976 wine competition known as the "Judgment of Paris," where a California wine bested French vintages in a blind taste test, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival but was released by the duo themselves in 12 cities. Their next feature film was "CBGB," a historical film about the famed New York City music venue. In May 2013, Savin and Miller announced their plans to adapt My Cross to Bear, the autobiography of southern rock icon Gregg Allman. Retitled "Midnight Rider," the film was in the midst of principal photography on a live railroad track when several of the crew members were injured by a passing train. Tragically, one of the second camera assistants, Sarah Elizabeth Jones, was struck and killed. After the incident, production of "Midnight Rider" was halted and both Savin and Miller were charged with involuntary manslaughter, along with executive producer Jay Sedrish. On March 9, 2015, Miller entered a guilty plea on charges of criminal trespass and involuntary manslaughter, and was sentenced to two years in prison and 10 years probation. Sedrish was given probation. Savin had all charges against her dropped.




7% 43% CBGB Screenwriter,
- 2013
13% 36% Savannah Producer $36.7K 2013
48% 58% Bottle Shock Screenwriter,
$4.0M 2008
26% 44% Nobel Son Writer,
$333.9K 2007
22% 62% Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School Writer,
$247.1K 2005
23% 58% The 6th Man Executive Producer $14.8M 1997