June Foray

June Foray

Highest Rated: 100% How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1967)

Lowest Rated: 38% Thumbelina (1994)

Birthday: Sep 18, 1917

Birthplace: Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

One of the most accomplished and beloved voice actors of all time, June Foray was perhaps best known as the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel on "The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show" (ABC, 1959-1961). Born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1917, Foray began her career on the radio, appearing regularly on local programs at the young age of 15. By the 1940's, Foray was co-starring on shows like "Lux Radio Theatre," "The Jimmy Durante Show," "The Buster Brown Program," and her own series, "Lady Make Believe." She branched into animation in the Warner Bros. short "The Unbearable Bear" (1943), and soon began voice-acting numerous Looney Tunes roles, including one that she would play for the next several decades, that of Sylvester and Tweety's sweet owner Granny. Foray also began appearing in Disney's productions, playing Lucifer the cat in "Cinderella" (1950) and a number of characters in "Peter Pan" (1953). She also began playing Knothead in the "Woody Woodpecker" cartoons, in addition to providing the voice of Rocky in 1959. As if these accomplishments weren't enough, Foray gave her first of several performance as Tom and/or Jerry in the "Tom & Jerry" short "Duel Personality" (1965). While the coming decades would bring countless opportunities for Foray to reprise her iconic roles for Warner Bros., the voice actor never stopped taking on new projects as well, playing Jokey Smurf and Mrs. Sourberry on the long running series "The Smurfs" (NBC, 1981-89) and Grammi Gummi on "The Adventures of the Gummi Bears" (NBC, 1985-1991). She also sat on the Governor's board for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, where she lobbied for 20 years to establish the award for Best Animated Feature, finally succeeding in 2001 when the award was created thanks to her petitioning. Foray died on July 26, 2017, less than two months shy of her 100th birthday.

Highest rated movies

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Saludos Amigos




No Score Yet No Score Yet Rocky and Bullwinkle Rocky (Voice) - 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dustland Narrator (Voice) - 2013
No Score Yet 11% The Legend of Sasquatch Momma Sasquatch (Voice) - 2006
No Score Yet 60% Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas Granny (Voice) - 2006
No Score Yet 50% Tweety's High-Flying Adventure Granny (Voice) - 2000
43% 20% The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle Rocky (Voice) $26.0M 2000
85% 85% Mulan Grandmother Fa (Voice) $120.6M 1998
38% 66% Thumbelina Queen Tabitha (Voice) $10.1M 1994
No Score Yet 62% I Yabba-Dabba Do! Unknown (Voice) - 1993
No Score Yet 84% Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland Librarian (Voice) $1.4M 1992
88% 69% DuckTales, the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp Mrs. Featherby (Voice) $18.1M 1990
No Score Yet 72% Daffy Duck's Quackbusters Various (Voice) - 1988
No Score Yet 67% Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island Granny (Voice) - 1983
No Score Yet 63% Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales Granny, Goldimouse, Mrs. Sylvester, Mrs. Elvis Gorilla, Jack's Mother (Voice) - 1982
No Score Yet 68% The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie Granny (Voice) - 1981
No Score Yet No Score Yet Cricket in Times Square Unknown (Character) - 1973
100% 76% The Phantom Tollbooth Ralph/Faintly Macabre the Which/Princess of Pure Reason (Voice) - 1969
73% 72% Frosty the Snowman Teacher, Karen, Additional Voices (Voice) - 1969
75% 61% The Little Drummer Boy Aaron's Mother (Voice) - 1968
100% 95% How the Grinch Stole Christmas Unknown (Character) - 1967
No Score Yet 51% The Man Called Flintstone Tanya Malichite (Voice) - 1966
No Score Yet 100% The Jet Cage Granny (Voice) - 1962
No Score Yet 33% The Snow Queen Court Raven (Voice) - 1959
No Score Yet No Score Yet Sabaka Marku Ponjoy (Character) - 1955
No Score Yet No Score Yet Let's Stick Together Spike's wife (Voice) - 1952
No Score Yet No Score Yet One Cab's Family Mary/Nurse (Voice) - 1952
97% 80% Cinderella Lucifer (Voice) $33.5M 1950
79% 40% Saludos Amigos Pedro (Character) - 1942
No Score Yet No Score Yet Baby Looney Tunes' Eggs-traordinary Adventure Granny (Voice) - 0000


No Score Yet 77% The Looney Tunes Show Granny/Girl (Guest Voice) 2011-2013
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries Unknown (Voice) 1995-2000 2002 2013
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Kelly/Mother/Teacher (Guest Voice) 2009
No Score Yet 32% Baby Looney Tunes Granny (Voice) 2002 2005
No Score Yet 62% Family Guy Rocky (Guest Voice) 2001
No Score Yet 100% Weird Science Unknown (Guest Star) 1995
No Score Yet No Score Yet All-New Dennis the Menace Martha Wilson (Voice) 1993
No Score Yet 95% Rugrats Blocky/Svetlana the Spy (Guest Voice) 1993
No Score Yet 99% Married ... With Children Scary Mary (Guest Voice) 1991
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Gummi Bears Grammi Gummi (Voice) 1985-1991
85% 75% The Simpsons Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper Babysitting Service Receptionist/Happy Little Elf (Guest Voice) 1990
No Score Yet 96% La bande à Picsou Magica De Spell (Guest Voice) 1987 1989-1990
No Score Yet 50% The Smurfs Unknown (Voice) 1981-1989
No Score Yet No Score Yet Teen Wolf Grandma (Voice) 1986-1987
No Score Yet 73% Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Aunt May (Guest Voice) 1982
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Dudley Do-Right Show Unknown (Voice) 1969-1970
No Score Yet No Score Yet George of the Jungle Unknown (Voice) 1967
No Score Yet No Score Yet Green Acres Unknown (Guest Star) 1967
82% 95% The Twilight Zone Talking Tina (Voice) 1963
No Score Yet No Score Yet Rocky & Bullwinkle Unknown (Voice) 1959-1963
No Score Yet No Score Yet Celebrating Mickey Unknown (Voice)