Michael Gough

Michael Gough

Highest Rated: 100% The Dresser (1983)

Lowest Rated: 11% Batman & Robin (1997)

Birthday: Nov 23, 1914

Birthplace: Malaya

Born in Malaya (now Malaysia) to British parents, Michael Gough attended Wye Agricultural College before realigning his career goals by taking classes at the Old Vic. Gough made his first theatrical appearance in 1936 and his first film in 1948. He listed King Lear as his favorite stage role, though one suspects that he was equally fond of the character he portrayed in the 1979 Broadway hit Bedroom Farce, for which he won the Tony Award. Movie historian Bill Warren has noted that Gough, by accident or design, adopted two distinct film-acting styles. In such "straight" roles as Montrose in Rob Roy (1954), Norfolk in Henry VIII and His Six Wives (1972), Van der Luyden in The Age of Innocence (1993) and Bertrand Russell in Wittgenstein (1993), he was subtle and restrained; but when starring in such scarefests as Horrors of the Black Museum (1959) and Black Zoo (1962), his eye-bulging hamminess knew no bounds. Most contemporary filmgoers are familiar with Gough through his appearances as Alfred the Butler in the Batman theatrical features. Gough died at age 94 in the spring of 2011.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet The Garden Actor 2019
No Score Yet Back To The Sea Actor 2012
No Score Yet Scooby-Doo!: Legend of the Phantosaur Mr. Babbit/Blair 2011
No Score Yet Tom And Jerry & The Wizard Of Oz Actor 2011
51% Alice in Wonderland Dodo Brid $319.4M 2010
No Score Yet Winnie the Pooh - A Very Merry Pooh Year Actor 2008
No Score Yet Caravaggio Cardinal Del Monte 2007
84% Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Elder Gutknecht $53.4M 2005
No Score Yet Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie Gopher 2005
No Score Yet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Actor 2004
54% The Cherry Orchard Feers 2000
68% Sleepy Hollow Hardenbrook 1999
No Score Yet The Strange Case of Delphina Potocka Actor 1999
No Score Yet Robert Louis Stevenson's St. Ives Count 1998
11% Batman & Robin Alfred Pennyworth 1997
No Score Yet The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father Tolstoy 1996
No Score Yet The Haunting of Helen Walker (The Turn of the Screw) Barnaby 1995
39% Batman Forever Alfred Pennyworth 1995
75% The Advocate (The Hour of the Pig) Magistrate Boniface 1994
No Score Yet Uncovered Don Manuel 1994
No Score Yet A Village Affair Actor 1994
83% The Age of Innocence Mr. Van der Luyden 1993
83% Wittgenstein Bertrand Russell 1993
38% Nostradamus Jean de Remy 1993
79% Batman Returns Alfred Pennyworth 1992
No Score Yet Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland 2nd Teacher 1992
84% Let Him Have It Lord Goddard 1991
No Score Yet Doctor Who: The Hartnell Years Actor 1991
No Score Yet Sleepers Actor 1991
No Score Yet The Shell Seekers Roy 1989
No Score Yet The Wizard of Speed and Time Supporting Cast 1989
72% Batman Alfred 1989
44% Strapless Douglas Brodie 1989
74% The Fourth Protocol Sir Bernard Hemmings 1987
64% The Serpent and the Rainbow Schoonbacher 1987
No Score Yet Memed My Hawk Kerimoglu 1987
78% Caravaggio Actor 1986
60% Out of Africa Delamere 1985
No Score Yet Arthur the King (Merlin & the Sword) Archbishop 1985
No Score Yet A Christmas Carol Mr. Poole 1984
No Score Yet Oxford Blues Dr. Ambrose 1984
77% Top Secret! Dr. Flammond 1984
100% The Dresser Frank Carrington 1983
No Score Yet To the Lighthouse Mr. Ramsay 1983
43% Venom David Ball 1981
69% The Boys from Brazil Harrington 1978
No Score Yet Satan's Slave (Evil Heritage) Uncle Alexander Yorke 1976
No Score Yet Galileo Sagredo 1975
62% The Legend of Hell House Emeric Belasco 1973
No Score Yet Horror Hospital Dr. Christian Storm 1973
60% Savage Messiah Mons. Gaudier 1972
No Score Yet Henry VIII and His Six Wives Norfolk 1972
No Score Yet Crucible of Horror (The Velvet House) Eastwood 1971
100% The Go-Between Mr. Maudsley 1970
14% Trog Sam Murdock 1970
No Score Yet Curse of the Crimson Altar Elder 1970
40% Julius Caesar Metellus Cimber 1970
No Score Yet A Walk with Love and Death Mad Monk 1969
81% Women in Love Tom Brangwen 1969
No Score Yet Berserk Albert Dorando 1967
No Score Yet They Came from Beyond Space Monj 1967
No Score Yet Alice In Wonderland Actor 1966
No Score Yet The Skull Auctioneer 1965
No Score Yet Dr. Terror's House of Horrors Eric Landor 1965
No Score Yet Black Zoo Michael Conrad 1963
No Score Yet Tamahine Cartwright 1963
No Score Yet Doctor Who - Lost in Time: The William Hartnell Years Actor 1963
No Score Yet What a Carve Up! (No Place Like Homicide!) Fisk 1962
No Score Yet The Phantom of the Opera Lord Ambrose d'Arcy 1962
38% Konga Dr. Charles Decker 1961
No Score Yet Horrors of the Black Museum Edmond Bancroft 1959
No Score Yet Model for Murder Actor 1959
94% The Horse's Mouth Abel 1958
No Score Yet Ill Met by Moonlight (Intelligence Service) (Night Ambush) Andoni Zoidakis 1958
89% Horror of Dracula Arthur 1958
No Score Yet Reach for the Sky Flying Instructor 1957
84% Richard III Dighton 1956
No Score Yet Last Reunion Actor 1955
No Score Yet Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue Duke of Montrose 1953
No Score Yet The Sword and the Rose (When Knighthood Was in Flower) Duke of Buckingham 1953
No Score Yet No Resting Place Alec Kyle 1952
83% The Small Back Room Capt. Dick Stuart 1952
100% The Man in the White Suit Michael Corland $4.4K 1951
No Score Yet Blanche Fury Laurence Fury 1948
No Score Yet Anna Karenina Nicholai 1948
No Score Yet Saraband for Dead Lovers Prince Charles 1948


95% Justice League
Voice 2002
No Score Yet Rocket Power
Voice 2002
No Score Yet Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)
Voice 1996
No Score Yet The Little Mermaid
Voice 1992
No Score Yet Mystery!
Hayhoe Ogleby 1989
68% Doctor Who
Councillor Hedin Hedin The Toymaker 1985
No Score Yet Search for the Nile
Dr. David Livingstone 1972
No Score Yet The Avengers (1961)
Nutski Dr. Clement Armstrong 1967
No Score Yet Blake's 7
No Score Yet Inspector Morse
100% Smiley's People
No Score Yet The Emperor's New School


Batman / Bruce Wayne says: Just like my parents. Its happening again... a monster comes out of the night, a scream, 2 shots.... I killed them.

Alfred Pennyworth says: What did you say?

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: He killed them, Two-Face. He slaughtered that boys parents.

Alfred Pennyworth says: No, no you said "I" "I killed them".

Dr. Chase Meridian says: Does it ever end Alfred?

Alfred Pennyworth says: No Dr. Meridian, not in this lifetime.

Alfred Pennyworth says: Perhaps the lady is just what the doctor ordered?

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: What do you suggest Alfred, by sea? or by air?

Robin / Dick Grayson says: Why not both?

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: Who's your tailor?

Alfred Pennyworth says: I took the liberty sir.

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: R? what's that stand for?

Robin / Dick Grayson says: Robin. Riddler and Two-Face could make a pretty lethal combination, figured you could use a hand.

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: Two against Two are better odds.

Robin / Dick Grayson says: I can't promise I won't kill Harvey.

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: A man's got to go his own way, a friend taught me that.

Robin / Dick Grayson says: Not just a friend.

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: A partner.

Reverend Steenwyck says: Their heads weren't found severed. Their heads were not found at all.

Ichabod Crane says: The heads are... gone?

James Hardenbrook says: Taken. Taken by the Headless Horseman. Taken back to hell.

Batman/Bruce Wayne says: I love you old man.

Alfred Pennyworth says: and I love you too.

Alfred Pennyworth says: And I love you too.

Alfred Pennyworth says: Mr. Wayne told me to tell you that he might be a little late.

Vicki Vale says: I'm not a bit surprised.

Batman/Bruce Wayne says: I love you Alfred.

Alfred Pennyworth says: and I love you too.

Alfred Pennyworth says: And I love you too.

Batman/Bruce Wayne says: What's on your mind, Alfred?

Alfred Pennyworth says: I have no wish to spend my few remaining years grieving for the loss of old friends. Or their sons.

Ichabod Crane says: And the head was...?

Ichabod Crane says: And the head was?

James Hardenbrook says: Taken. Taken by the Headless Horseman. Taken back to Hell.

Batgirl/Barbara Wilson says: Partners? [extends her hand]

Robin/Dick Grayson says: Partners. [places his hand on top]

Batman/Bruce Wayne says: [places his hand on top] Partners.

Alfred Pennyworth says: We are going to need a bigger cave.

Alfred Pennyworth says: I'm sorry to bother you sir. I have some rather distressing news about Master Dick.

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: Is he alright?

Alfred Pennyworth says: I'm afraid Master Dick has gone traveling. Actually, he took the car.

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: He boosted the Jag?

Alfred Pennyworth says: Not the Jaguar. The other car.

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: The Bentley?

Alfred Pennyworth says: No sir...the other car.

Alfred Pennyworth says: Well come what may. Merry Christmas, Mr. Wayne.

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: Merry Christmas, Alfred. Good will towards men...and women.

Alfred Pennyworth says: Do you want to take a sandwich with you, sir?

Batman / Bruce Wayne says: I'll get drive-thru.