Nicole Oliver

Nicole Oliver

Highest Rated: 88% The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2007)

Lowest Rated: 23% I'll Be Home for Christmas (1998)

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Nicole Oliver is a performer to watch...she has the kind of skill andtalent...that transcends geographical boundaries...She is truly on the vergeof something big!You know you've made it in Canada when you've been spoofed by The RoyalCanadian Air Farce. Nicole had that distinct pleasure following theairing, over two consecutive Christmas seasons, of Cantel Amigo'ssentimental commercial campaign. That ad marked the beginning of a stringof jobs in Toronto, most notably, for four seasons she played the role ofDetective Kelly Blake in Warner Brother's popular action series Kung Fu:The Legend Continues. Of working with Nicole, Executive Producer MichaelSloan remarked.... She shows intensity and depth combined with a sense offun, something I've come across rarely.Roles in feature films and telefilms soon followed. Nicole has worked onmany MOWs for most of the major networks, including the lead in ABC FamilyChannel's I Want to Marry Ryan Banks. The Falling, written and directedby Raul Sanchez Inglis marked Nicole's first lead role in a feature film. >From vixen to victim, from conquest to conqueror, the role of Karis gaveNicole an incredible opportunity to strut her acting chops. Thisaward-winning inventive, psychological drama played at various filmfestivals around the globe, most notably the Chicago and TorontoInternational Film Festival.Most recently, Nicole was nominated for a Leo Award for her supportinglead role performance as Lori Towers in Rampage Entertainment's golfreunion comedy 'The Foursome'. Starring beside Kevin Dillon (Poseidon,Golden Globe (R) nominated series Entourage on HBO) 'The Foursome' is basedon the highly successful play by Norm Foster and directed by William Dear(Harry & the Henderson's, Angels in the Outfield). This golf comedyunites four friends and their spouses at their 20-year college reunion andis based on the extremely successful Canadian play of the same name.This versatile and dynamic actress has been able to work both "sides" ofher native Canada with much success and recognition. After answering acall to "Go West", Nicole quickly racked up an impressive number of gueststarring and recurring roles in Vancouver and on subsequent return visitsto Toronto. Her credits include Beggars and Choosers, I Want to MarryRyan Banks, Da Vinci's Inquest, The Collector, The Immortal, Outer Limits,Stargate SG-1, Dead Man's Gun, FX: The Series First Wave and Alliance'ssci-fi series Welcome to Paradox. The role sheplays in Paradox, CaptainPangbornwas originally scripted for a man but the producers and thedirector were so impressed withNicolethat they re-wrote the rolespecifically for her. Her most recent television appearances include apromotional appearance on HGTV's new series 'She's Crafty' with gal palWendy Russell and a guest star role in season two of the USA Networks hotcomedy show, 'Psych'.Nicole believes that diversification is the key to success in theentertainment industry and so with that in mind, Oliver has signed on tohost the fifth season of Slice Network's successful TV series Crash TestMommy. Crash Test Mommy delves into the relationships between moms andtheir competitive friends and relatives. Mom is whisked away for a luxuryweekend while her most vocal critic is catapulted into taking care ofMom's household for 48 hours. Nicole's empathy, coupled with her wickedsense of humour, make her the perfect companion to any mom who's out toprove her worth. With Nicole at her side, Mom is empowered to push thelimits while setting the agenda for the Crash Test Mommy's challenges, astogether they watch and evaluate the action on the home front.Nicole is also in demand in the competitive voice-over market as the voiceof everything from tampons to toothpaste. This voice specialist has lenther distinctive tones to such products as Crest, Lever 2000, AmericanExpress, Pears, Starbucks, Oldsmobile Intrigue, Salon Selectives, SwissChalet, Old El Paso and Claritin to name but a few. Nicole's most currentvoice over work includes the voice of Swiss Chalet and Club House, whichis currently airing throughout Canada. She also narrated 'Greenpeace,Making a Stand' which aired on Global Television.Nicole has also worked extensively in animation and can be heard as thevoice of numerous cartoon characters, including Dalphine in BarbieFairytopia-Mermadia; Mom in Krypto the Superdog; Mrs. Cramp in The CrampTwins; Key, the lead character in the popular anime Key the Metal Idol andthe Sorceress and Queen Marlena in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.Most recently, Nicole worked with producer Stan Lee, (Spider Man, X-Men),starring as Agent Newell in the recently released to DVD animation movie'Mosaic' along side Anna Paquin as Maggie Nelson (The Squid and the Whale,Almost Famous). 'Stormhawks' is Nicole's next big animation series comingout this fall 2007, signed for two seasons airing on YTV in Canada and theCartoon Network in the US, UK, France and Latin America.Nicole attended York University and graduated with a bachelor of fine artswith honours. She continued her studies in London and Oxford at theprestigious British American Dramatic Academy, an institution that isaffiliated with Yale University. Nicole had a dream team of instructors,including Jeremy Irons.Her mother introduced Nicole to her husband at a screening at the TorontoFilm Festival. It took some time before they met up again at hisworkplace in Vancouver. After commuting between Toronto, Los Angeles andVancouver for her career, she knew that Chris Ainscough, an award-winningcomposer in the film industry, was her future. They live in Vancouverwith their proudest achievements to date, their two sons William andGrady.

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